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wade, nicholas: a troublesome inheritance
wahlöö, per: the steel spring
walker, elaine: horse
wallace, benjamin: the billionaire's vinegar
wallace, lew: the prince of india
wallen, martin: fox
wallen, martin: squid
walpole, horace: the castle of otranto
wanjek, christopher: spacefarers
ward, andrew: river run red
ward-perkins, bryan: the fall of rome and the end of civilization
warga, jasmine: other words for home
warwick, hugh: hedgehog
waugh, joan: u.s. grant
waugh & gallagher: wars within a war
way, twigs: carnation
webster, john: the white devil
weil, ann: red sails to capri
weinraub, judith: salad
weisberg, jacob: ronald reagan
weiss, laura b.: ice cream
welky, david: a wretched and precarious situation
welland, michael: sand
wells, martha: all systems red
wells, rosemary: red moon at sharpsburg
wells, spencer: deep ancestry
wenke, robert j.: the ancient egyptian state
westbrook, raymond: ex oriente lex
wharton, edith: the age of innocence
white, michelle; mona hatoum: terra infirma
white, walter francis: the fire in the flint
whitehead, colson: apex hides the hurt
whitehead, colson: sag harbor
whitehead, colson: the underground railroad
whiting, robert: the meaning of ichiro
whittington, harry: murder is my mistress
wicker, tom: dwight d. eisenhower
wickham, chris: the inheritance of rome
widmer, ted: martin van buren
wier, ester: the loner
wilber, rick: rum point
wilde, oscar: the birthday of the infanta
wilentz, sean: andrew jackson
williams, edgar: giraffe
williams, edgar: hippopotamus
williams, edgar: ostrich
williams, ian: tequila
williams, peter: jellyfish
williams, peter: snail
williams-garcia, rita: one crazy summer
wills, garry: james madison
wilson, bee: sandwich
wilson, helen: robin
wilson, jason: jorge luis borges
wilson, michael: how to read contemporary art
winchester, simon: a crack in the edge of the world
winterson, jeanette: lighthousekeeping
withington, john: flood
withington, john: storm
wojciechowska, maia: shadow of a bull
wolfe, linda: the murder of dr. chapman
woods, mary n.: beyond the architect's eye
woolf, greg: rome
wycherley, william: the country wife
wylie, dan: crocodile
wylie, dan: elephant
wyllie, barbara: vladimir nabokov