lection war & peace

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american civil war

blanton & cook, they fought like demons
brooks, march
caudill & ashdown, sherman's march in myth and memory
davis, a taste for war
deforest, miss ravenel's conversion
downs, after appomattox
faust, this republic of suffering
hoffer, the caning of charles sumner
leepson, desperate engagement
luke & smith, soldiering for freedom
moneyhon, edmund j. davis of texas
neely, the fate of liberty
olmstead, coal black horse
reynolds, the civil wars of jonah moran
ruiz de burton, who would have thought it?
serrano, the last of the blue and gray
settles, john bankhead magruder
steele, the perilous road
taylor, the disagreement
trudeau, southern storm
ward, river run red
waugh, u.s. grant
waugh & gallagher, wars within a war
wells, red moon at sharpsburg

first world war

airth, river of darkness
cobb, paths of glory
echenoz, 14
hemingway, the first 49 stories
korda, hero
lacey, pershing
larson, dead wake
larson, hattie big sky
lemaitre, au revoir là-haut
prior, gallipoli
rash, the cove
rufin, le collier rouge

second world war

andrzejewski, holy week
atkinson, transcription
atkinson, an army at dawn
atkinson, the day of battle
atkinson, the guns at last light
bartov, anatomy of a genocide
benuzzi, no picnic on mount kenya
bialot, la station saint-martin est fermée au public
boulle, william conrad
boum & stein, the holocaust and north africa
bradley, the war that saved my life
calvino, il bosco degli animali
camilleri, il cane di terracotta
chambers, postcards from no man's land
di cesare, heidegger and the jews
doerr, all the light we cannot see
halter, roman's journey
hazzard, the great fire
herf, the jewish enemy
hillenbrand, unbroken
kneale, rome
lemaitre, miroir de nos peines
miscamble, the most controversial decision
olson, those angry days
ondaatje, the english patient
roberts, stalin's general
schelvis, sobibor
szczypiorski, the beautiful mrs seidenman
symonds, the battle of midway
timm, die entdeckung der currywurst
toll, the conquering tide
toll, pacific crucible
zuccotti, under his very windows

other wars

atkinson, the british are coming
canedy, a journal for jordan
castelot, bonaparte
cherny, the candy bombers
eisenhower, zachary taylor
forbes, johnny tremain
forester, beat to quarters
fountain, billy lynn's long halftime walk
garland, athens burning
gourevitch & morris, standard operating procedure
hamel, the battle of arginusae
hogeland, the whiskey rebellion
homer, iliad
johnson, a gallant little army
kneale, rome
monaco, the second seminole war
philbrick, the last stand
roth, the hundred days
schlosser, command and control
shakespeare, henry vi, part 3
virgil, aeneid
wallace, the prince of india
zola, la fortune des rougon