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lection, n. [a. OF. lectiun, ad. L. lection-em, n. of action f. lect-, legere to read, to choose.] 1. a. The act of reading. Obs. rare.

lection is a site devoted to popular-culture book reviews. I am particularly interested in baseball, in crime stories, in natural history, in books about warfare (especially 19th century wars). I love Westerns. I originally intended to review Oprah books as they were announced, and I kept up pretty well till she swung away from middlebrow classics and back toward contemporary best-sellers. I may pick her list up again some day.

I am also interested in books about show business, particularly the popular music and the movies of the mid-20th century (though I don't review films or CDs, just books about them). In 2008 I added a section on American Presidents. In the 2010s I added another, on Newbery medal and Honor books. There's also a section of bits & pieces for anything else I want to review.

The gilbert category is devoted to new-and-noteworthy notices of books that I haven't been able to finish. Finishing books is overrated anyway.

I review both fiction and nonfiction, and also some poetry. Books reviewed here may be new. They may be old. They may be in or out of print. But they'll certainly be in a library somewhere. Nothing is for sale here. You know how to buy things over the Internet, so I don't need to link to bookstore sites; but I do have a page of links to bibliographies, newsletters, and other sites about books. I'm the only person who writes for lection. It's not an interactive site, but if you'd like to suggest books for review, take issue with something I've written, or just chat, please e-mail me.