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berg, lindbergh
berman, central park
bird & sherwin, american prometheus
blum, the poison squad
bordewich, washington
brinnin, the sway of the grand saloon
clements, science in an extreme environment
cottom, lower ed
derickson, dangerously sleepy
dieterich-ward, beyond rust
estabrook, tomatoland
fehrenbacher, the dred scott case
fernández-armesto, amerigo
ferris, star-spangled banner
fountain, billy lynn's long halftime walk
fraser, prairie fires
freinkel, plastic
gidley, photography and the usa
gillespie, finding amelia
hannickel, empire of vines
howard, from main street to mall
kazin, a godly hero
kraig, a rich and fertile land
mckibben, deep economy
marcosson, original sin
moneyhon, edmund j. davis of texas
muller, the tyranny of metrics
okrent, last call
olson, those angry days
orlean, the library book
page, the city's end
peiss, zoot suit
petroski, the road taken
rieppel, assembling the dinosaur
sandweiss, passing strange
savage, the commitment
seo, policing the open road
sernett, harriet tubman
shapiro, julia child
steinberg, gotham unbound
thoreau, walden
tobin & dobard, hidden in plain view
tomsky, heads in beds
woods, beyond the architect's eye
yellin, your call is (not that) important to us

art & architecture

auping, frank stella
bailey, vermeer
barnett, alexei jawlensky
barnett, franz marc and august macke
batchelor, chromophobia
berlant & wynn, first sculpture
bishop, bridge
burke & grosvenor, school
coignard, une femme disparait
curtis, disarmed
delue, george inness and the science of landscape
de treviño, i, juan de pareja
gaskell, vermeer's wager
ghirardo, italy
gidley, photography and the usa
gilman & gross, drawing dialogues
gioni & bell, the keeper
gualdoni, the history of the nude
hahn, the reliquary effect
herriman, krazy & ignatz 1916-1918
iacono & ivory, vermeer's mistress and maid
kertess, joan mitchell
lloyd & heller, munch and expressionism
marrinan, gustave caillebotte
michaelis, schulz and peanuts
moore, why we build
morazzoni, the invention of truth
morris, believing is seeing
nairne, art theft and the case of the stolen turners
orlean, the library book
pastoureau, black
pastoureau, blue
pastoureau, green
pastoureau, jaune
pastoureau, red
ritchin, bending the frame
shackelford, monet: the late years
schwartz, ed ruscha's los angeles
scott, georgia o'keeffe
taylor, various small books
tisserand, krazy
white, mona hatoum: terra infirma
wilson, how to read contemporary art
woods, beyond the architect's eye
zervigón, photography and germany
zola, the masterpiece


bogucki, the barbarians
bruck, chi ti ama così
bruck, letter to my mother
edmonds & eidinow, bobby fischer goes to war
fernández-armesto, amerigo
fox, the riddle of the labyrinth
fritze, egyptomania
golden, children and childhood in classical athens
greenblatt, the swerve
hahn, the reliquary effect
harbison, ruins and fragments
jenkins, keeping their marbles
kneale, rome
larson, in the garden of beasts
le goff, the birth of purgatory
levi, cristo si è fermato a eboli
mantel, wolf hall
meyer, the year that changed the world
minnis, from eden to eternity
nongbri, before religion
perrot, the bedroom
renan, vie de jésus
schiff, cleopatra
scott, against the grain
sundman, the flight of the eagle
thomas, the return of curiosity
toner, the day commodus killed a rhino
ward-perkins, the fall of rome and the end of civilization
wenke, the ancient egyptian state
westbrook, ex oriente lex
wickham, the inheritance of rome
woolf, rome



apple (janik)
banana (koeppel)
banana (piatti-farnell)
barbecue (deutsch & elias)
beef (piatti-farnell)
beer (smith)
berries (anderson)
biscuits and cookies (edwards)
brandy (epstein)
bread (rubel)
cabbage (muckenhoupt)
cake (humble)
caviar (fletcher)
champagne (epstein)
cheese (dalby)
chillies (anderson)
chocolate (moss & badenoch)
cocktails (carlin)
coffee (morris)
corn (jones)
curry (sen)
currywurst, die entdeckung der (timm)
dates (nasrallah)
doughnut (hunwick)
dumplings (gallani)
edible flowers (kirker & newman)
edible insects and human evolution (lesnik)
eggs (toops)
fats (phillipov)
figs (sutton)
food, in defense of (pollan)
game (lee)
gin (solmonson)
hamburger (smith)
herbs (allen)
herring (hunt)
honey (long)
hot dog (kraig)
ice cream (weiss)
julia child (shapiro)
lamb (yarvin)
lemon (sonneman)
lobster (king)
lobster (townsend)
melon (lovegren)
milk (velten)
moonshine (kosar)
mushroom (bertelsen)
mustard (güzey)
nuts (albala)
offal (edwards)
[olive oil] extra virginity (mueller)
onions and garlic [jay]
oranges (hyman)
oyster (stott)
oyster (tillie)
pancake (albala)
pasta and noodles (shelke)
pecans (manaster)
pickles (davison)
pie (clarkson)
pineapple (o'connor)
pizza (helstosky)
poison squad, the (blum)
pomegranate (stone)
[pork] pig (mizelle)
pork (rogers)
potato (smith)
pudding (quinzio)
rice (marton)
rice and baguette (lien)
rich and fertile land, a (kraig)
rum (foss)
salad (weinraub)
salmon (coates)
salmon (mink)
sandwich (wilson)
sauces (tebben)
sausage (allen)
season to taste (birnbaum)
seaweed (o'connor)
shrimp (lane)
soup (clarkson)
spices (czarra)
sugar (smith)
sweets and candy (mason)
taste for war, a (davis)
tea (saberi)
tequila (williams)
tomato (hyman)
tomatoland (estabrook)
truffle (nowak)
vodka (herlihy)
water (miller)
whiskey (kosar)
wine (millon)
yeast, the rise of (money)


alexander, booked
alexander, rebound
an na, a step from heaven
baum, the road to oz
blume, forever
chambers, postcards from no man's land
choldenko, al capone shines my shoes
collins, the hunger games
cormier, the chocolate war
crutcher, chinese handcuffs
dicamillo, louisiana's way home
dodge, hans brinker
fleischman, phineas gage
fraser, prairie fires
hinton, the outsiders
johnson, the first part last
mafi, shatter me
nel, was the cat in the hat black?
pullman, clockwork
pullman & fordham, the adventures of john blake
reynolds, ghost
reynolds, patina
rockwood, bomba the jungle boy
rosoff, how i live now
roth, divergent
rowling, harry potter and the deathly hallows
rowling, harry potter and the half-blood prince
ruiz zafón, el palacio de la medianoche
salinger, the catcher in the rye
straley, evolution and imagination
yang, american born chinese

language & literature

baker, the atoms of language
bayard, demain est écrit
bayard, et si les œuvres changeaient d'auteur?
bayard, le hors-sujet
bayard, how to talk about books you haven't read
bayard, how to talk about places you've never been
bayard, il existe d'autres mondes
bayard, le plagiat par anticipation
bayard, le titanic fera naufrage
blum, my word
bruns, why literature?
erard, babel no more
everett, don't sleep, there are snakes
everett, numbers and the making of us
farrell, latin language and latin culture
fee, arthur
fox, pretentiousness
fox, the riddle of the labyrinth
garvía, esperanto and its rivals
goulet, legacies of the rue morgue
hart, gabriel garcía márquez
hemingway, a moveable feast
howard & robillard: pluralizing plagiarism
kenneally, the first word
kristof, l'analphabète
lahiri, in altre parole
landy, how to do things with fictions
mair, skim reading
moll, cryptogram-a-day book
okrent, in the land of invented languages
orlean, the library book
o'toole, hemingway didn't say that
pereltsvaig & lewis, the indo-european controversy
pinker, the stuff of thought
reynolds & wilson: scribes and scholars
sanders, german
straley, evolution and imagination
wilson, jorge luis borges
wyllie, vladimir nabokov



addonizio, what is this thing called love
carlson-wee, how-to
dante, inferno
dante, purgatorio
dante, paradiso
dylan, the essential bob dylan
ferris, star-spangled banner
finch, calendars
jordan, m-a-c-n-o-l-i-a
marie de france, bisclavret
ovid's erotic poems


alexander, booked
alexander, the crossover
alexander, rebound
almond, against football
bascomb, the perfect mile
callahan, johnny u
catozzella, don't tell me you're afraid
century, barney ross
crutcher, chinese handcuffs
echenoz, courir
feinstein, a good walk spoiled
fountain, billy lynn's long halftime walk
gwynne, the perfect pass
mcdonagh & pappano, playing with the boys
reynolds, ghost
reynolds, patina
riess, the sport of kings and the kings of crime
toner, the day commodus killed a rhino



britain     eastern europe     elsewhere     france     italy     scandinavia     usa

austen, persuasion
bainbridge, a quiet life
barnes, the sense of an ending
benson, queen lucia
carr, a day in summer
carr, a month in the country
dickens, bleak house
dickens, great expectations
dickens, martin chuzzlewit
eliot, daniel deronda
fitzgerald, the beginning of spring
gardam, old filth
kunzru, transmission
mcewan, on chesil beach
mantel, wolf hall
maugham, cakes and ale
maugham, the razor's edge
miéville, perdido street station
preston, the dig
spark, the ballad of peckham rye
spark, the girls of slender means
swift, tomorrow
trevor, a bit on the side
trollope, the prime minister
trollope, the vicar of bullhampton
trollope, the way we live now
winterson, lighthousekeeping

eastern europe
goncharov, oblomov
goncharov, the precipice
iwaszkiewicz, the birch grove
kadare, the palace of dreams
kadare, twilight of the eastern gods
kosztolányi, skylark
kurkov, death and the penguin
nabokov, le guetteur
oksanen, purge
prus, the doll
szczypiorski, a mass for arras

barry, town and country
brooks, people of the book
ferreira de castro, o senhor dos navegantes
goethe, the sorrows of young werther
homer, odyssey
keegan, antarctica
murakami, 1Q84
murakami, colorless tsukuru tazaki
murakami, killing commendatore
murakami, men without women
murakami, sputnik sweetheart
saramago, all the names
scliar, max e os felinos
trevor, a bit on the side

autissier, soudain, seuls
balzac, at the sign of the cat and racket
balzac, le colonel chabert
balzac, a daughter of eve
barbery, the elegance of the hedgehog
barbey d'aurevilly, l'ensorcelée
bilal, bug
bordes, le voleur de bonbons
boulle, the other side of the coin
boulle, time out of mind
echenoz, un an
echenoz, caprice de la reine
echenoz, courir
echenoz, des éclairs
echenoz, envoyée spéciale
echenoz, lac
echenoz, ravel
féval, le loup blanc
grimbert, un secret
hugo, les travailleurs de la mer
lemaitre, couleurs de l'incendie
proust, à la recherche du temps perdu
simenon, les anneaux de bicêtre
simenon, le confessional
simenon, le coup de vague
simenon, le déménagement
simenon, la fuite de monsieur monde
simenon, la maison des sept jeunes filles
simenon, la mort d'auguste
stendhal, la chartreuse de parme
stendhal, le rouge et le noir
toussaint, l'appareil-photo
toussaint, faire l'amour
toussaint, fuir
toussaint, monsieur
toussaint, nue
toussaint, la réticence
toussaint, la salle de bain
toussaint, la télévision
toussaint, la vérité sur marie
zola, l'assommoir
zola, au bonheur des dames
zola, la fortune des rougon

aleramo, a woman
boccaccio, decameron
bruck, lettera da francoforte
calvino, if on a winter's night a traveler
camilleri, la cappella di famiglia
capuana, il benefattore
lakhous, clash of civilizations over an elevator in piazza vittorio
lakhous, dispute over a very italian piglet
lakhous, divorce islamic style
lakhous, the prank of the good little virgin of via ormea
levi, the jewish husband
manzoni, the betrothed
maraini, the silent duchess
morazzoni, his mother's house
morazzoni, la ragazza col turbante
murgia, accabadora
ovid, metamorphoses
tabucchi, sostiene pereira
virgil, aeneid

andersen nexø, pelle the conqueror
andersen's fairy tales
holberg, niels klim's journey under the ground
indriði, taxi 79 ab station
laxness, the fish can sing
laxness, independent people
paasilinna, la cavale du géomètre
paasilinna, le fils du dieu de l'orage
paasilinna, la forêt des renards pendus
paasilinna, the howling miller
paasilinna, petits suicides entre amis
paasilinna, prisonniers du paradis
paasilinna, the year of the hare
yrsa, geisterfjord

ennis & dillon, preacher gone to texas
goolrick, a reliable wife
griner, collectors
hemingway, the first 49 stories
hemingway, the sun also rises
james, fifty shades of grey
keegan, antarctica
keller, jackpot
kirkman, march to war
krauss, the history of love
kunzru, white tears
rash, the cove
robinson, gilead
rucka, wonder woman: the hiketeia
steinbeck, in dubious battle
vaughan & guerra, y: the last man
whitehead, apex hides the hurt
whitehead, sag harbor
whitehead, the underground railroad
yates, revolutionary road


ackerman, the tetris effect
bird & sherwin, american prometheus
boast, the machine in the ghost
brox, brilliant
coopersmith, faxed
farman, delayed response
freinkel, plastic
langewiesche, the outlaw sea
lasbury, the realization of star trek technologies
moore, why we build
petroski, the toothpick
rathje & murphy, rubbish
reich, plastic fantastic
scheerbart, the perpetual motion machine
sconce, the technical delusion
steinberg, gotham unbound
vaidhyanathan, antisocial media
votolato, car
zervigón, photography and germany