lection natural history

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albatross (barwell)
animals and humans, a foray into the worlds of (von uexküll)
ant (sleigh)
ape (sorenson)
badger (justice)
[badger] incident at hawk's hill (eckert)
[baiji] witness to extinction (turvey)
bat (laird)
bear (bieder)
beaver (poliquin)
bedbug (reinhardt)
bee (preston)
[bees] fruitless fall (jacobsen)
beetle (dodd)
birds at my feeder, the (jones)
bison (morris)
blue [whale], wild (bortolotti)
camel (irwin)
cat (rogers)
chicken (potts)
chupacabra, tracking the (radford)
cockroach (copeland)
[conodont] the great fossil enigma (knell)
cow (velten)
coyote america (flores)
cranes, sandhill and whooping (johnsgard)
crocodile (wylie)
crow (sax)
deer (fletcher)
dinosaur, assembling the (rieppel)
dinosaur highway (jasinski)
dog, inside of a (horowitz)
dog tulip, my (ackerley)
dolphin (rauch)
donkey (bough)
duck (de rijke)
eagle (rogers)
eel (schweid)
elephant (wylie)
[endangered species] last chance to see (adams & carwardine)
falcon (macdonald)
fish feel pain?, do (braithwaite)
flamingo (kight)
fly (connor)
fox (wallen)
frog (sleigh)
giraffe (williams)
goat (hinson)
goldfish (roos)
gorilla (gott & weir)
guinea pig (yamamoto)
hare (carnell)
hedgehog (warwick)
hippopotamus (williams)
horse (walker)
hyena (brottman)
ivory-billed woodpecker, in search of the (jackson)
[ivory-billed woodpecker] the grail bird (gallagher)
[ivory-billed woodpecker] the lord god bird (hill)
[ivory-billed woodpecker] stalking the ghost bird (steinberg)
llama (cowie)
kangaroo (jackson & vernes)
kangaroo (simons)
kingfisher (szabo)
leech (kirk & pemberton)
leopard (morris)
lion (jackson)
lizard (sax)
lobster (king)
lobster (townsend)
monkey (morris)
moose (jackson)
mosquito (jones)
moth (gandy)
mouse (carroll)
[nutria] swamp rat (manno)
octopus (mather, et al.)
octopus (schweid)
ospreys (poole)
ostrich (williams)
otter (allen)
owl (morris)
oyster (stott)
panda, the way of the (nicholls)
[passenger pigeon] a feathered river across the sky (greenberg)
[passenger pigeon] one came home (timberlake)
peacock (jackson)
pelican (allen)
penguin (martin)
pig (mizelle)
pigeon (allen)
polar bear (fee)
pythons in the united states, invasive (dorcas & willson)
rabbit (dickenson)
rat (burt)
rhinoceros (enright)
rin tin tin (orlean)
salmon (coates)
sardine (day)
scorpion (pryke)
seal (dickenson)
shark (crawford)
sheep (armstrong)
skunk (miller)
snail (williams)
snake (stutesman)
sparrow (todd)
spider (michalski)
spider silk (brunetta & craig)
[sturgeon] caviar (fletcher)
swallow (turner)
swan (young)
[taxidermy] the authentic animal (madden)
[taxidermy] the breathless zoo (poliquin)
tiger (green)
tortoise (young)
trout (owen)
tyrannosaur chronicles, the (hone)
vulture (van dooren)
walrus (miller & miller)
wasp (jones)
whale (roman)
whale, moby dick, or the (melville)
wild boar (yamamoto)
wolf (marvin)
wolves, julie of the (george)
woodpecker (gorman)
zebra (plumb & shaw)


boddy, geranium
buff & buff, big tree
duvall, cannabis
estabrook, tomatoland
gillman, how trees die
gray, palm
hageneder, yew
hannickel, empire of vines
harland, snowdrop
harris, grasses
harris, sunflowers
koeppel, banana
lack, poppy
lanza, olive
lucas, bamboo
manaster, pecans
mason, pine
mathews, chicle
nasrallah, dates
pollan, in defense of food
reiss, apple
reiss, lily
torre, cactus
torre, carnivorous plants
vaillant, the golden spruce
wallace, the billionaire's vinegar
way, carnation


clements, science in an extreme environment
crane & fletcher, cave
crichton, prey
hamilton, volcano
kean, the disappearing spoon
kroonenberg, why hell stinks of sulfur
larson, thunderstruck
lucretius, on the nature of things
mcewan, solar
page & officer, the big one
prothero, when humans nearly vanished
robinson, earthquake
schwartz, the last man who knew everything
shen, silver
strang, water
tribble, a colossal hoax
welland, sand
winchester, a crack in the edge of the world
zorach & phillips, gold


money, the rise of yeast


barry, the great influenza
birnbaum, season to taste
blum, the poisoner's handbook
chevassus-au-louis, fraud in the lab
clements, science in an extreme environment
cohen, a big fat crisis
corkin, permanent present tense
crosby, asleep
deville, peste & choléra
fitzharris, the butchering art
fleischman, phineas gage
hall et al., superbugs
jeffreys, aspirin
natterson-horowitz & bowers, zoobiquity
quammen, spillover
rhodes, deadly feasts
rutkow, james a. garfield
skloot, the immortal life of henrietta lacks
starr, the killer of little shepherds


devlin, the unfinished game
everett, numbers and the making of us
gleick, the information
hacker, the math myth
higman, flatness
muller, the tyranny of metrics
neale, closing the gap


berlant & wynn, first sculpture
chevassus-au-louis, fraud in the lab
clements, science in an extreme environment
diamond, collapse
falk, the fossil chronicles
finlayson, the humans who went extinct
garwood, flat earth
heinrich, why we run
kushner, on the other hand
langewiesche, the outlaw sea
lesnik, edible insects and human evolution
ogas & gaddam, a billion wicked thoughts
prothero, when humans nearly vanished
sacks, musicophilia
vaughan & guerra, y: the last man
vincent, hair
von uexküll, a foray into the worlds of animals and humans
wade, a troublesome inheritance
wells, deep ancestry


blum, the poison squad
clements, science in an extreme environment
elsom, lightning
greig, outlying islands
hamblyn, clouds
hawkins, the ethics of waste
haynes, desert
higginbotham, midnight in chernobyl
higman, flatness
hudson, waterfall
maccannell, rainbows
macphee, end of the megafauna
pilkey & pilkey: global climate change
prothero, when humans nearly vanished
rathje & murphy, rubbish
steinberg, gotham unbound
strang, water
welky, a wretched and precarious situation
withington, flood
withington, storm
zalasiewicz, the earth after us


behn, the emperor of the moon
davies, the eerie silence
goldsmith, exoplanets
karam, comets
leatherbarrow, the moon
lucretius, on the nature of things
nelson, rocket men
sheehan & hockey, jupiter
shostak, confessions of an alien hunter
tyson, the pluto files
voltaire, micromégas


archibald, extinction and radiation
baker, the atoms of language
brunetta & craig, spider silk
falk, the fossil chronicles
gleick, the information
jasinski, dinosaur highway
knell, the great fossil enigma
larson, edward j.: summer for the gods
lucretius, on the nature of things
macphee, end of the megafauna
miller, only a theory
petto & godfrey: scientists confront
prothero, when humans nearly vanished
rieppel, assembling the dinosaur
shippen, men, microscopes, and living things
straley, evolution and imagination
wade, a troublesome inheritance
wells, deep ancestry
zalasiewicz & williams, skeletons