Guide to Civil War Novels

The Guide to Civil War Novels is a Web bibliography that attempts to document novels about the American Civil War, comment on those novels, and arrange both documentation and commentary in an accessible and expandable format.

Individual entries in the Guide can be reached in several different ways from the navigation menu at the left. Master lists sort entries alphabetically by author and title. There is a separate master list for each decade since the 1860s.

Below the master lists are several classified bibliographies. You can find Civil War novels sorted there by setting, period, groups of people featured in the novel, famous individuals, and genres. You can assume that most of these novels are set in 1861-65 somewhere in the United States and Confederate States; the "groups" that most of them feature are U.S. and C.S. soldiers. I suppose the default genre is "war novel." But Civil War novels have all kinds of specific settings, and their events sometimes occur well before or after the war. Many sub-genres of the "war novel" are also represented.

The Guide to Civil War Novels is a growing project. One advantage of Web over print bibliography is that new and newly seen items can be added seamlessly to the whole. New bibliographies can be created when the material itself seems to demand re-sorting.

I have no plans to add material on short fiction or on film. Even listing a fraction of the novels that have been written about the Civil War would take a lifetime.

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