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Brooks, Geraldine. March. New York: Viking, 2005.

The narrator is Mr. March, father of the Little Women. While the March girls are back home carving out their place in literary history, Mr. March is at the front, renewing his relationship with the slave woman Grace Clement, daughter of a white racist intellectual, who captivated March in his pre-Marmee youth and does so again in the ruins of plantation Virginia.

An intriguing reworking of a classic from the inside out, March uses the same technique, though not the cutting satirical voice, of Alice Randall's The Wind Done Gone. Perhaps Louisa May Alcott, unfettered by Victorian conventions, might have written March herself, blending the martial realism of Hospital Sketches with the melodrama of her potboiler thrillers.

Winner of the 2006 Pulitzer Prize.


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