Stand by the Union

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Adams, William Taylor. [As Oliver Optic] Stand by the Union. Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1891. [The Blue and the Gray Series] Out of print.

Lieutenant Christy Passford is balked of his new command, the Bronx, when his scheming Confederate cousin Corny Passford appears and claims to be Christy -- and has the commission to prove it. Christy is forced to stow away in his own cabin and wait for the right moment to spring a trap on the hapless Corny. Once the Bronx is secure, Christy spends another 150 pages seizing blockade runners, until he in turn is trapped by a Rebel stowaway in the same cabin where he trapped Corny. Thanks to a quick-thinking steward with a heavy-duty feather duster, all ends well, with promotions all round.


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