Within the Enemy's Lines

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Adams, William Taylor. [As Oliver Optic] Within the Enemy's Lines. 1889. Boston: Lee and Shepard, 1891. [The Blue and the Gray Series] Out of print.

The Bellevite, once the private yacht of Horatio Passford, now the pride of the Union service, is at anchor in the Hudson. A gang of dastardly Rebels, including Horatio's nephew Corny Passford, attempt to steal the Bellevite; but Horatio's son Christy foils the plot. The Bellevite goes to sea with new midshipman Christy as her third officer. In the second act of the book, she captures a steamer bound from England to the Confederate service. In the third, the Bellevite heads to Mobile Bay, where Christy almost single-handedly captures a Confederate warship (the Teaser) and a cotton vessel (the Judith).


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