lection titles y-z

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y: the last man (vaughan & guerra)
yankee years, the (torre & verducci)
year of the dog (chang)
year of the hare, the (paasilinna)
year that changed the world, the (meyer)
yeux des morts, les (marpeau)
yew (hageneder)
yoghurt (hersh)
yonec (marie de france)
you have reached your destination (marburg)
young fu of the upper yangtze (lewis)
your call is (not that) important to us (yellin)
yours until death (staalesen)
zachary taylor (eisenhower)
zagreb noir (sršen)
zebra (plumb & shaw)
zebra-striped hearse, the (macdonald)
zoobiquity (natterson-horowitz & bowers)
zoot suit (peiss)