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tajdeed (acker & bustani)
tale of despereaux, the (dicamillo)
tales from silver lands (finger)
taming of the shrew, the (shakespeare)
tartabull's throw (garfield)
taste for war, a (davis)
taxi 79 ab station (indriði)
tchaïkovski (bastianelli)
tea (saberi)
technical delusion, the (sconce)
tel aviv noir (keret & gavron)
télévision, la (toussaint)
tempest, the (shakespeare)
tempête, une (césaire)
temporary perfections (carofiglio)
ten plus one (mcbain)
tenant, the (engberg)
tequila (williams)
territorial rights (spark)
terrorists, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
tess of the d'urbervilles (hardy)
testa perduta di damasceno monteiro, la (tabucchi)
tetris effect, the (ackerman)
that tune clutches my heart (headrick)
theodore roosevelt (auchincloss)
theory for beginners (kidd)
they fought like demons (blanton & cook)
thimble summer (enright)
think of a number (bodelsen)
this is a bust (lin)
this republic of suffering (faust)
thomas jefferson (appleby)
those angry days (olson)
three to kill (manchette)
thunderstruck (larson)


tiger (green)
time it never rained, the (kelton)
time out of mind (boulle)
timon of athens (shakespeare)
titanic fera naufrage, le (bayard)
titus andronicus (shakespeare)
to each his own (sciascia)
to hell on a fast horse (gardner)
todesrosen (arnaldur)
tofylis (žemaitė)
tomato (hyman)
tomatoland (estabrook)
tomorrow (swift)
toothpick, the (petroski)
torso (nickel)
tortoise (young)
tough without a gun (kanfer)
town and country (barry)
trace evidence (becka)
trace of evil (blanchard)
tracking the chupacabra (radford)
traiciones fatales (varela robles)
traitor to his class (brands)
transcription (atkinson)
transmission (kunzru)
travailleurs de la mer, les (hugo)
tree of freedom (caudill)
trial of lizzie borden, the (robertson)
troilus and cressida (shakespeare)
trois mousquetaires, les (dumas)
trouble is what i do (mosley)
troubled man, the (mankell)
troublesome inheritance, a (wade)
trout (owen)
true grit (portis)
truffle (nowak)
trust (higgins)
trusty, the (rash)
tulipe noire, la (dumas)
turn of the screw, the (james)
turtle (pryke)
turtle in paradise (holm)
twelfth night (shakespeare)
twenty-one balloons, the (du bois)
twilight of the eastern gods (kadare)
twilight of the long-ball gods (schulian)
two foscari, the (byron)
two gentlemen of verona, the (shakespeare)
two kinds of truth (connelly)
two noble kinsmen, the (shakespeare & fletcher)
ty cobb (leerhsen)
ty cobb unleashed (rosenberg)
tyrannosaur chronicles, the (hone)
tyranny of metrics, the (muller)