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pacific crucible (toll)
palace of dreams, the (kadare)
palace papers, the (brown)
palacio de la medianoche, el (ruiz zafón)
palm (gray)
pancake (albala)
pancakes-paris (bishop)
papa doit manger (ndiaye)
paradiso (dante)
pars vite et reviens tard (vargas)
passage of power, the (caro)
passager du "polarlys," le (simenon)
passing strange (sandweiss)
past is a foreign country, the (carofiglio)
pasta and noodles (shelke)
paths of glory (cobb)
patina (reynolds)
paura di montalbano, la (camilleri)
peacock (jackson)
pecans (manaster)
pelican (allen)
pelle the conqueror (andersen nexø)
pendu de saint-pholien, le (simenon)
penguin (martin)
penny from heaven (holm)
people of the book (brooks)
people want to live (ali)
perdido street station (miéville)
perfect mile, the (bascomb)
perfect pass, the (gwynne)
perfectly proper murder, a (adams)
pericles (shakespeare)
perilous road, the (steele)
perkin warbeck (ford)
permanent present tense (corkin)
perpetual motion machine, the (scheerbart)
pershing (lacey)
persistence of the color line, the (kennedy)
persuasion (austen)
peste & choléra (deville)
petits suicides entre amis (paasilinna)
phaedra (racine)
philoctetes (sophocles)
phineas gage (fleischman)
phoenicians, the (jigoulov)
phosphorus (elser & haygarth)
photographe, le (boulle)
photography and belief (strauss)
photography and germany (zervigón)
photography and the usa (gidley)
pickles (davison)
picnic at hanging rock (lindsay)
pictures at a revolution (harris)
pie (clarkson)
pietr-le-letton (simenon)
pig (mizelle)
pigeon (allen)
pigtail of ah lee ben loo, the (bennett)
pine (mason)
pineapple (o'connor)
pippi longstocking (lindgren)
piramide di fango, la (camilleri)
pizza (helstosky)
plagiat par anticipation, le (bayard)
plastic (freinkel)
plastic fantastic (reich)
play it again (bresnahan)
playing with the boys (mcdonagh & pappano)
pluralizing plagiarism (howard & robillard)
plus précieuse des marchandises, la (grumberg)
pluto files, the (tyson)
poems of the past and the present (hardy)
poet, the (connelly)
poirot's early cases (christie)
poison squad, the (blum)
poisoner's handbook, the (blum)
polar bear (fee)
policing the open road (seo)
political tinker, the (holberg)
pollak's arm (von trotha)
polt muß weinen (komarek)
pomegranate (stone)
poppy (lack)
pork (rogers)
postcards from no man's land (chambers)
potato (smith)
powers, the (sayers)
prairie fires (fraser)
prank of the good little virgin of via ormea, the (lakhous)
preacher, the (läckberg)
preacher gone to texas (ennis & dillon)
precipice, the (goncharov)
pretentiousness (fox)
prey (crichton)
price of failure, the (ashford)
pride and prejudice (austen)
prima indagine di montalbano, la (camilleri)
prime minister, the (trollope)
prince of india, the (wallace)
princess of burundi, the (eriksson)
prisonniers du paradis (paasilinna)
puccini (fort)
pudding (quinzio)
purgatorio (dante)
purge (oksanen)
pyrenees (greig)