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macbeth (shakespeare)
machine in the ghost, the (boast)
m-a-c-n-o-l-i-a (jordan)
mad couple well matched, a (brome)
madre, la (deledda)
maigret (simenon)
maigret au picratt's (simenon)
maigret en meublé (simenon)
maigret et la grande perche (simenon)
maigret et la vieille dame (simenon)
maigret et son mort (simenon)
maison des sept jeunes filles, la (simenon)
malice (higashino)
man against the sky, the (robinson)
man from the future, the (bhattacharya)
man in the brown suit, the (christie)
man of law's tale (chaucer)
man of mode, the (etherege)
man on the balcony, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
man that got away, the (rimler)
man who loved books too much, the (bartlett)
man who was taller than god, the (adams)
man who went up in smoke, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
man who would be king, the (kipling)
man with the getaway face, the (stark)
man with two arms, the (lombardo)
mandarin, the (eça de queirós)
manhunt (swanson)
maniac (schechter)
manon lescaut (prevost)
manson (guinn)
march (brooks)
march to war (kirkman)
marchese di roccaverdina, il (capuana)
marianna sirca (deledda)
market for merchant princes, a (reist)
martin chuzzlewit (dickens)
martin hewitt, investigator (morrison)
martin van buren (widmer)
martire fascista, il (sofri)
mass for arras, a (szczypiorski)
massenet (bonnaure)
master builder, the (ibsen)
master key, the (baum)
masterpiece, the (zola)
matchlock gun, the (edmonds)
material fall of roman britain, the (fleming)
math myth, the (hacker)
max e os felinos (scliar)


meaning of ichiro, the (whiting)
measure for measure (shakespeare)
meditación tenebrosa (estefanía)
melon (lovegren)
mémoires de maigret, les (simenon)
memory monster, the (sarid)
memory speaks (sedivy)
merchant of venice, the (shakespeare)
merci suárez changes gears (medina)
mère coupable, la (beaumarchais)
merry wives of windsor, the (shakespeare)
mese con montalbano, un (camilleri)
men, microscopes, and living things (shippen)
men without women (murakami)
meneur de loups, le (dumas)
menschensöhne (arnaldur)
metamorphoses (ovid)
metodo catalanotti, il (camilleri)
meyerbeer (thiellay)
micromégas (voltaire)
middlemarch (eliot)
middlesex (eugenides)
midnight assassin, the (hollandsworth)
midnight in chernobyl (higginbotham)
midsummer night's dream, a (shakespeare)
milchgeld (klüpfel & kobr)
milk (velten)
millard fillmore (finkelman)
million little pieces, a (frey)
milon (marie de france)
mineral spirits (sharfeddin)
miracles on maple hill (sorensen)
miroir de nos peines (lemaitre)
mirror, shoulder, signal (nors)
misanthrope, the (molière)
misérables, les (hugo)
miss hickory (bailey)
miss marple (christie)
miss ravenel's conversion (deforest)
miss stone affair, the (carpenter)
missing (alvtegen)
missing you (coben)
mistakenly in mallorca (jeffries)
misterioso (dahl)
misty of chincoteague (henry)


moby dick (melville)
moccasin trail (mcgraw)
mogul tale, the (inchbald)
mole (ellerhoff)
molto agitato (fiedler)
moment of truth, the (blom)
mona hatoum: terra infirma (white)
monet: the late years (shackelford)
money pitcher (kashatus)
monkey (morris)
monsieur (toussaint)
monsieur gallet décédé (simenon)
monsters (dederer)
month in the country, a (carr)
moon, the (leatherbarrow)
moon over manifest (vanderpool)
moonshine (kosar)
moose (jackson)
mort d'auguste, la (simenon)
morte in mare aperto (camilleri)
mosquito (jones)
most controversial decision, the (miscamble)
moth (gandy)
mouse (carroll)
moveable feast, a (hemingway)
mr. popper's penguins (atwater & atwater)
much ado about nothing (shakespeare)
mulberry (coles)
munch and expressionism (lloyd & heller)
murder at the savoy (sjöwall & wahlöö)
murder at the vicarage, the (christie)
murder is my mistress (whittington)
murder of dr. chapman, the (wolfe)
murder on the links, the (christie)
murder on the orient express (christie)
murder will out (ashford)
mushroom (bertelsen)
musicophilia (sacks)
mussolini in myth and memory (corner)
mustard (güzey)
my dog tulip (ackerley)
my father's dragon (gannett)
my side of the mountain (george)
my soul to take (yrsa)
my word (blum)
mysterious affair at styles, the (christie)