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l is for lawless (grafton)
lac (echenoz)
lady macbeth of mtsensk (leskov)
lady of pleasure, the (shirley)
lama di luce, una (camilleri)
lamb (yarvin)
larcier case, the (bernard)
last call (okrent)
last chance to see (adams & carwardine)
last detective, the (lovesey)
last duel, the (jager)
last good kiss, the (crumley)
last gunfight, the (guinn)
last man who knew everything, the (schwartz)
last mission, the (mazer)
last of the blue and gray, the (serrano)
last rituals (yrsa)
last stand, the (philbrick)
last stop on market street (de la peña)
last vermeer, the (lopez)
latin language and latin culture (farrell)
laughing policeman, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
le frêne (marie de france)
leech (kirk & pemberton)
legacies of the rue morgue (goulet)
lemon (sonneman)
lemur, the (banville)
leonardo da vinci (isaacson)
leopard (morris)
letter to my mother (bruck)
lettera da francoforte (bruck)
lettre à mon juge (simenon)
li lun lad of courage (treffinger)
liberty bar (simenon)
libra (delillo)
library book, the (orlean)
license to travel (bixby)
life of mozart, the (rosselli)
life of schubert, the (gibbs)
light at tern rock, the (sauer)
lighthousekeeping (winterson)
lightning (elsom)
like men betrayed (mortimer)
lily (reiss)
limits of pain, the (blom)
lincoln lawyer, the (connelly)
lincoln legends (steers)
lindbergh (berg)
lion (jackson)
listeners, the (tannahill)
little mermaid, the (andersen)
little scarlet (mosley)
lizard (sax)
llama (cowie)
lobster (king)
lobster (townsend)
locked room, the (sjöwall & wahlöö)
lodger, the (lowndes)
lolita (nabokov)
london boulevard (bruen)
loner, the (wier)
long range (box)
lord god bird, the (hill)
lord of the rings, the (tolkien)
losing shepherd (headrick)
lost honor of katharina blum, the (böll)
louisiana's way home (dicamillo)
loup blanc, le (féval)
loup dans la bergerie, le (staalesen)
love and intrigue (schiller)
love for love (congreve)
love's labour's lost (shakespeare)
lower ed (cottom)
lyndon b. johnson (peters)