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i am a camera (van druten)
i is for innocent (grafton)
i, juan de pareja (de treviño)
ice cream (weiss)
ice princess, the (läckberg)
iceman, the (bruno)
if on a winter's night a traveler (calvino)
il existe d'autres mondes (bayard)
île des esclaves, l' (marivaux)
iliad (homer)
i'll tell you what (inchbald)
i'm not scared (ammaniti)
immortal life of henrietta lacks, the (skloot)
impeached (stewart)
in a lonely place (hughes)
in altre parole (lahiri)
in defense of food (pollan)
in dubious battle (steinbeck)
in search of the ivory-billed woodpecker (jackson)
in the blink of an eye (sabin)
in the heat of the night (ball)
in the garden of beasts (larson)
in the land of invented languages (okrent)
in the shadow of death (blaumanis)
inca, the (lane)
incendio nell'oliveto, l' (deledda)
incident at hawk's hill (eckert)
inconnus dans la maison, les (simenon)
independent people (laxness)
indo-european controversy, the (pereltsvaig & lewis)
inferno (dante)
infidelities (marivaux)
information, the (gleick)
inheritance of rome, the (wickham)
inner voice, the (fleming)
innocent, the (coben)
innocent man, the (grisham)
inside of a dog (horowitz)
inspector and silence, the (nesser)
inspector ghote's first case (keating)
instant enemy, the (macdonald)
intimacies (kitamura)
invasive pythons in the united states (dorcas & willson)
inventing america's first immigration crisis (ritter)
inventing george washington (lengel)
invention of truth, the (morazzoni)
iron chariot, the (riverton)
island of horses, the (dillon)
istanbul noir (ziyalan & spangler)
italy (ghirardo)
it's like this, cat (neville)