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h is for homicide (grafton)
hair (vincent)
hamburger (smith)
hamlet (shakespeare)
hamlet after q1 (lesser)
hand that feeds you, the (rich)
hand that trembles, the (eriksson)
hans brinker or, the silver skates (dodge)
hänsel und gretel (grimm)
happy birthday, türke! (arjouni)
hare (carnell)
harm's way (aird)
harriet tubman (sernett)
harry potter and the deathly hallows (rowling)
harry potter and the half-blood prince (rowling)
harry s. truman (dallek)
hart brand, the (boggs)
hattie big sky (larson)
he who fears the wolf (fossum)
heads in beds (tomsky)
heart is a lonely hunter, the (mccullers)
heavenly tenants, the (maxwell)
heckler, the (mcbain)
hedgehog (warwick)
heidegger and the jews (di cesare)
hell is empty (johnson)
hellbox (pronzini)
hello, universe (kelly)
helsinki noir (thompson)
hemingses of monticello, the (gordon-reed)
hemingway didn't say that (o'toole)
henri matisse (brown)
henry iv, part 1 (shakespeare)
henry iv, part 2 (shakespeare)
henry v (shakespeare)
henry vi, part 1 (shakespeare)
henry vi, part 2 (shakespeare)
henry vi, part 3 (shakespeare)
henry viii (shakespeare)
herbert hoover (leuchtenburg)
herbs (allen)
herdboy of hungary (finta)
hernani (hugo)
hero (korda)
herring (hunt)
hidden in plain view (tobin & dobard)
hide and seek (rankin)
higher power of lucky, the (patron)
hippopotamus (williams)
his mother's house (morazzoni)
histoire du repos (corbin)
histoires d'œils (costamagna)
history of love, the (krauss)
history of opera, a (abbate & parker)
history of the nude, the (gualdoni)
hitchcock s'est trompé (bayard)
hittites, the (stone)
hold tight (coben)
holes (sachar)
holocaust: an unfinished history, the (stone)
holocaust and north africa, the (boum & stein)
holy week (andrzejewski)
homer: the very idea (porter)
homme à l'invers, l' (vargas)
homme aux cercles bleus, l' (vargas)
homme de Londres, l' (simenon)
honey (long)
hoot (hiaasen)
horace higby & the scientific pitch (heuman)
horloger d'everton, l' (simenon)
hors-sujet, le (bayard)
horse (walker)
hot dog (kraig)
hot iron (kelton)
house guests, house pests (jones)
how i live now (rosoff)
how-to (carlson-wee)
how to do things with fictions (landy)
how to pronounce knife (thammavongsa)
how to read contemporary art (wilson)
how to talk about books you haven't read (bayard)
how to talk about places you've never been (bayard)
how trees die (gillman)
howling miller, the (paasilinna)
human (rees & sleigh)
humans who went extinct, the (finlayson)
hummus (nussbaum)
hundred days, the (roth)
hunger games, the (collins)
hunting season (camilleri)
hyena (brottman)
hypochondriac, the (molière)
hypothermia (arnaldur)