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b is for burglar (grafton)
babel no more (erard)
badger (justice)
ballad of peckham rye, the (spark)
bamboo (lucas)
banana (koeppel)
banana (piatti-farnell)
banner in the sky (ullman)
barbarians, the (bogucki)
barbarous coast, the (macdonald)
barbecue (deutsch & elias)
barbier de séville, le (beaumarchais)
barney ross (century)
barrakee mystery, the (upfield)
baseball novel, the (schraufnagel)
baseball's natural (theodore)
basset table, the (centlivre)
bat (laird)
battle of arginusae, the (hamel)
battle of midway, the (symonds)
bear (bieder)
beat to quarters (forester)
beautiful cigar girl, the (stashower)
beautiful mrs seidenman, the (szczypiorski)
beaux' stratagem, the (farquhar)
beaver (poliquin)
bedbug (reinhardt)
bedroom, the (perrot)
bee (preston)
beef (piatti-farnell)
beer (smith)
beetle (dodd)
before religion (nongbri)
before the frost (mankell)
beginning of spring, the (fitzgerald)
believing is seeing (morris)
bellini (thiellay & thiellay)
bending the frame (ritchin)
benefattore, il (capuana)
benjamin harrison (calhoun)
bérénice (racine)
berries (anderson)
besuch der alten dame, der (dürrenmatt)
bête humaine, la (zola)
betrayers (pronzini)
betrothed, the (manzoni)
beyond rust (dieterich-ward)
beyond the architect's eye (woods)


big leaguer, the (heyliger)
big fat crisis, a (cohen)
big four, the (christie)
big one, the (page & officer)
big sleep, the (chandler)
big tree (buff & buff)
bill clinton (tomasky)
billiards at half past nine (böll)
billie holiday (szwed)
billion wicked thoughts, a (ogas & gaddam)
billionaire's vinegar, the (wallace)
billy lynn's long halftime walk (fountain)
birch grove, the (iwaszkiewicz)
birds at my feeder, the (jones)
birth of purgatory, the (le goff)
birthday of the infanta, the (wilde)
birthday party, the (alpert)
bis dein zorn sich legt (larsson)
bisclavret (marie de france)
biscuits and cookies (edwards)
bison (morris)
bit on the side, a (trevor)
bitstreams (kirschenbaum)
black (pastoureau)
black box, the (connelly)
black echo, the (connelly)
black ice (kettenbach)
black ice (gerhardsen)
black money (macdonald)
black pearl, the (o'dell)
black seconds (fossum)
blackface (thompson)
blackout (garcia-roza)
blanc (pastoureau)
bleak house (dickens)
bleeding red (catsam)
blockade billy (king)
blood-dimmed tide, the (airth)
blood moon (disher)
blood trails (brandt)
blood work (connelly)
blue (pastoureau)
blue cat of castle town, the (coblentz)
blue willow (gates)
blumen für polt (komarek)


bobby fischer goes to war (edmonds & eidinow)
böser wille (fossum)
bomba the jungle boy (rockwood)
bonaparte (castelot)
bone is pointed (upfield)
booked (alexander)
bosco degli animali, il (calvino)
brandy (epstein)
brass verdict, the (connelly)
bread (rubel)
breakfast cereal (dolan)
breathless zoo, the (poliquin)
bride of lammermoor, the (scott)
bridge (bishop)
bridge of sighs, the (steinhauer)
brilliant (brox)
british are coming, the (atkinson)
bronze bow, the (speare)
bug (bilal)
burbero benefico, il (goldoni)
burning room, the (connelly)
burning the books (ovenden)
butchering art, the (fitzharris)
butterfly man, the (heinsaar)