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yamamoto, dorothy: guinea pig
yamamoto, dorothy: wild boar
yang, gene luen: american born chinese
yarvin, brian: lamb
yates, elizabeth: amos fortune, free man
yates, richard: revolutionary road
yellin, emily: your call is (not that) important to us
young, peter: swan
young, peter: tortoise
yrsa sigurdardóttir: geisterfjord
yrsa sigurdardóttir: last rituals
yrsa sigurdardóttir: my soul to take
zadra & stickgold: when brains dream
zalasiewicz, jan: the earth after us
zalasiewicz, jan, and mark williams: skeletons
zei, alki: wildcat under glass
zelizer, julian e.: jimmy carter
zeller, thomas: consuming landscapes
žemaitė: tofylis
zervigón, andrés mario: photography and germany
ziyalan & spangler: istanbul noir
zola, émile: l'assommoir
zola, émile: au bonheur des dames
zola, émile: la bête humaine
zola, émile: la fortune des rougon
zola, émile: germinal
zola, émile: the masterpiece
zorach & phillips: gold
zuccotti, susan: under his very windows