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ullman, james: banner in the sky
ullrich, volker: eight days in may
upfield, arthur w.: the barrakee mystery
upfield, arthur w.: the bone is pointed

vaidhyanathan, siva: antisocial media
vaillant, john: the golden spruce
van dooren, thom: vulture
van druten, john: i am a camera
van leuven, holly: ray bolger
vanderpool, clare: moon over manifest
varela robles, fernando: traiciones fatales
vargas, fred: l'homme à l'invers
vargas, fred: l'homme aux cercles bleus
vargas, fred: pars vite et reviens tard
vargas, fred: sous les vents de neptune
vaughan & guerra: y: the last man
vazha-pshavela: the death of bagrat zakharych
velten, hannah: cow
velten, hannah: milk
victor, metta fuller: the dead letter
victor, metta fuller: the figure eight
viktor arnar ingólfsson: the flatey enigma
vincent, susan j.: hair
virgil: aeneid
voltaire: micromégas
von schirach, ferdinand: der fall collini
von schirach, ferdinand: schuld
von schirach, ferdinand: strafe
von schirach, ferdinand: verbrechen
von trotha, hans: pollak's arm
von uexküll, jakob: a foray into the worlds of animals and humans
votolato, gregory: car