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tabucchi, antonio: sostiene pereira
tabucchi, antonio: la testa perduta di damasceno monteiro
tannahill, jordan: the listeners
tapply, william g.: gray ghost
taylor, nick: the disagreement
taylor, phil: various small books
tebben, maryann: sauces
teilhet, darwin: the avion my uncle flew
thammavongsa, souvankham: how to pronounce knife
thanh, philippe: donizetti
theodore, john: baseball's natural
thiellay, jean-philippe: meyerbeer
thiellay & thiellay: bellini
thiellay & thiellay: rossini
thiéry, danielle: le sang du bourreau
thomas, nicholas: the return of curiosity
thompson, ayanna: blackface
thompson, james: helsinki noir
thomson, david: nicole kidman
thoreau, henry david: walden
tillie, carolyn: oyster
tisserand, michael: krazy
timberlake, amy: one came home
timm, uwe: die entdeckung der currywurst
tobin & dobard: hidden in plain view
todd, kim: sparrow
tolkien, j.r.r.: the lord of the rings
toll, ian w.: the conquering tide
toll, ian w.: pacific crucible
tomasky, michael: bill clinton
tomsky, jacob: heads in beds
toner, jerry: the day commodus killed a rhino
toobin, jeffrey: american heiress
tooke, wes: king of the mound
toops, diane: eggs
torget, andrew j.: seeds of empire
torre, dan: cactus
torre, dan: carnivorous plants
torre & verducci: the yankee years
toussaint, jean-philippe: l'appareil-photo
toussaint, jean-philippe: faire l'amour
toussaint, jean-philippe: fuir
toussaint, jean-philippe: monsieur
toussaint, jean-philippe: nue
toussaint, jean-philippe: la réticence
toussaint, jean-philippe: la salle de bain
toussaint, jean-philippe: la télévision
toussaint, jean-philippe: la vérité sur marie
townsend, elisabeth: cod
townsend, elisabeth: lobster
treat, lawrence: v as in victim
treffinger, carolyn: li lun lad of courage
trefousse, hans l.: rutherford b. hayes
trevor, william: a bit on the side
tribble, scott: a colossal hoax
trollope, anthony: the prime minister
trollope, anthony: the vicar of bullhampton
trollope, anthony: the way we live now
trudeau, noah andre: southern storm
turner, angela: swallow
turow, scott: ultimate punishment
turvey, samuel: witness to extinction
tyson, neil degrasse: the pluto files