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saberi, helen: tea
sabin, stefana: in the blink of an eye
sachar, louis: holes
sachs, harvey: schoenberg
salinger, j.d.: the catcher in the rye
sacks, oliver: musicophilia
sanders, eli: while the city slept
sanders, ruth h.: german
sanders, tony: warning track
sandweiss, martha: passing strange
santiago, wilfred: 21
saramago, josé: all the names
sarid, yishai: the memory monster
sarid, yishai: victorious
sauer, julia l.: fog magic
sauer, julia l.: the light at tern rock
savage, dan: the commitment
sawyer, ruth: roller skates
sax, boria: crow
sax, boria: lizard
sayers, valerie: the powers
scaletta, kurtis: rooting for rafael rosales
scarborough, dorothy: the wind
schaaf, larry j.: out of the shadows
schechter, harold: the devil's gentleman
schechter, harold: maniac
scheerbart, paul: the perpetual motion machine
schellinger, sarah m.: nubia
schelvis, jules: sobibor
schiff, stacy: cleopatra
schiller, friedrich: don carlos
schiller, friedrich: love and intrigue
schiller, friedrich: the ring of polykrates
schiller, friedrich: the robbers
schlitz, laura amy: splendors and glooms
schlosser, eric: command and control
schmidt, gary d.: the wednesday wars
schneider, steven jay: 1001 movies you must see before you die
schraufnagel, noel: the baseball novel
schulian, john: twilight of the long-ball gods
schwartz, alexandra: ed ruscha's los angeles
schwartz, david n.: the last man who knew everything
schweid, richard: eel
schweid, richard: octopus
schwenger, peter: asemic
schwerner, philoctetes
sciascia, leonardo: il giorno della civetta
sciascia, leonardo: to each his own
scliar, moacyr: max e os felinos
sconce, jeffrey: the technical delusion
scott, james c.: against the grain
scott, nancy j.: georgia o'keeffe
scott, walter: the bride of lammermoor
scribe, eugène: l'africaine
scribe, eugène: la somnambule
sedivy, julie: memory speaks
seigenthaler, john: james k. polk
selden, george: the cricket in times square
sen, colleen taylor: curry
sen, paul: einstein's fridge
seo, sarah a.: policing the open road
seredy, kate: the good master
seredy, kate: the singing tree
seredy, kate: the white stag
sernett, milton c.: harriet tubman
serrano, richard a.: the last of the blue and gray
settles, thomas m.: john bankhead magruder


shackelford, george t.m.: monet: the late years
shakespeare, william: all's well that ends well
shakespeare, william: antony and cleopatra
shakespeare, william: as you like it
shakespeare, william: the comedy of errors
shakespeare, william: coriolanus
shakespeare, william: cymbeline
shakespeare, william: hamlet
shakespeare, william: henry iv, part 1
shakespeare, william: henry iv, part 2
shakespeare, william: henry v
shakespeare, william: henry vi, part 1
shakespeare, william: henry vi, part 2
shakespeare, william: henry vi, part 3
shakespeare, william: henry viii
shakespeare, william: julius caesar
shakespeare, william: king john
shakespeare, william: king lear
shakespeare, william: love's labour's lost
shakespeare, william: macbeth
shakespeare, william: measure for measure
shakespeare, william: the merchant of venice
shakespeare, william: the merry wives of windsor
shakespeare, william: a midsummer night's dream
shakespeare, william: much ado about nothing
shakespeare, william: othello
shakespeare, william: pericles
shakespeare, william: richard ii
shakespeare, william: richard iii
shakespeare, william: romeo and juliet
shakespeare, william: the taming of the shrew
shakespeare, william: the tempest
shakespeare, william: timon of athens
shakespeare, william: titus andronicus
shakespeare, william: troilus and cressida
shakespeare, william: twelfth night
shakespeare, william: the two gentlemen of verona
shakespeare, william: the winter's tale
shakespeare & fletcher: the two noble kinsmen
shang, wendy wan-long: the way home looks now
shapiro, james: contested will
shapiro, laura: julia child
sharfeddin, heather: mineral spirits
sheehan, william: saturn
sheehan & hockey: jupiter
shelke, kantha: pasta and noodles
shen, lindsay: silver
sheridan, richard brinsley: the rivals
sheridan, richard brinsley: st. patrick's day
shippen, katherine b.: men, microscopes, and living things
shirley, james: the lady of pleasure
shirley, james: the wedding
shostak, seth: confessions of an alien hunter
shteir, rachel: the steal


simenon, georges: l'affaire saint-fiacre
simenon, georges: l'amie de madame maigret
simenon, georges: les anneaux de bicêtre
simenon, georges: au rendez-vous des terre-neuvas
simenon, georges: la chambre bleue
simenon, georges: le charretier de "la providence"
simenon, georges: chez les flamands
simenon, georges: le confessional
simenon, georges: le coup de lune
simenon, georges: le coup de vague
simenon, georges: un crime en hollande
simenon, georges: la danseuse du gai-moulin
simenon, georges: le déménagement
simenon, georges: l'écluse nº 1
simenon, georges: en cas de malheur
simenon, georges: le fou de bergerac
simenon, georges: la fuite de monsieur monde
simenon, georges: la guinguette à deux sous
simenon, georges: l'homme de Londres
simenon, georges: l'horloger d'everton
simenon, georges: les inconnus dans la maison
simenon, georges: lettre à mon juge
simenon, georges: liberty bar
simenon, georges: maigret
simenon, georges: maigret au picratt's
simenon, georges: maigret en meublé
simenon, georges: maigret et la grande perche
simenon, georges: maigret et la vieille dame
simenon, georges: maigret et son mort
simenon, georges: la maison des sept jeunes filles
simenon, georges: les mémoires de maigret
simenon, georges: monsieur gallet décédé
simenon, georges: la mort d'auguste
simenon, georges: la nuit du carrefour
simenon, georges: l'ombre chinoise
simenon, georges: le passager du "polarlys"
simenon, georges: le pendu de saint-pholien
simenon, georges: pietr-le-letton
simenon, georges: la veuve couderc
simons, john: kangaroo
sipila, jarkko: against the wall
sipila, jarkko: nothing but the truth
sjöwall & wahlöö: the abominable man
sjöwall & wahlöö: cop killer
sjöwall & wahlöö: the fire engine that disappeared
sjöwall & wahlöö: the laughing policeman
sjöwall & wahlöö: the locked room
sjöwall & wahlöö: the man on the balcony
sjöwall & wahlöö: the man who went up in smoke
sjöwall & wahlöö: murder at the savoy
sjöwall & wahlöö: the terrorists


skloot, rebecca: the immortal life of henrietta lacks
sleigh, barbara: carbonel
sleigh, charlotte: ant
sleigh, charlotte: frog
smith, andrew f.: hamburger
smith, andrew f.: potato
smith, andrew f.: sugar
smith, gavin d.: beer
smith, kyle: cult of the dead
smith, richard norton: an ordinary man
smollett, tobias: ferdinand count fathom
snyder, brad: a well-paid slave
söderberg, hjalmar: doctor glas
sofri, adriano: il martire fascista
solmonson, leslie: gin
sonneman, toby: lemon
sophocles, oedipus at colonus
sophocles, philoctetes
sorenson, john: ape
sorensen, virginia: miracles on maple hill
soumet, alexandre: norma
spark, muriel: the ballad of peckham rye
spark, muriel: the girls of slender means
spark, muriel: territorial rights
speare, elizabeth george: the bronze bow
speare, elizabeth george: the witch of blackbird pond
sperry, armstrong: call it courage
spira, andrew: foreshadowed
springer, nancy: the case of the left-handed lady
springer, nancy: the case of the missing marquess


sršen, ivan: zagreb noir
staalesen, gunnar: le loup dans la bergerie
staalesen, gunnar: yours until death
stark, richard: the green eagle score
stark, richard: the man with the getaway face
starr, douglas: the killer of little shepherds
stashower, daniel: the beautiful cigar girl
stead, rebecca: when you reach me
steele, william o: the perilous road
steeman, s.a.: l'assassin habite au 21
steers, edward, jr.: lincoln legends
steinbeck, john: east of eden
steinbeck, john: in dubious battle
steinberg, michael k.: stalking the ghost bird
steinberg, ted: gotham unbound
steinhauer, olen: the bridge of sighs
stendhal: la chartreuse de parme
stendhal: le rouge et le noir
stewart, david o.: impeached
stewart, susan: the ruins lesson
stokes, claudia: old style
stone, damien: the hittites
stone, damien: pomegranate
stone, dan: the holocaust: an unfinished history
stott, rebecca: oyster
stougaard-nielsen, jakob: scandinavian crime fiction
straley, jessica: evolution and imagination
strang, veronica: water
strauss, david levi: photography and belief
strode, william: the floating island
stutesman, drake: snake
sugden, philip: the complete history of jack the ripper
sundman, per olof: the flight of the eagle
sutton, david c.: figs
swanson, james l.: manhunt
swift, graham: tomorrow
symonds, craig l.: the battle of midway
szabo, ildiko: kingfisher
szczypiorski, andrzej: the beautiful mrs seidenman
szczypiorski, andrzej: a mass for arras
szwed, john: billie holiday