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racine, jean: andromache
racine, jean: bérénice
racine, jean: phaedra
radford, benjamin: tracking the chupacabra
raffa, guy p.: dante's bones
rankin, ian: hide and seek
rankin, ian: knots and crosses
rankin, louise: daughter of the mountains
rash, ron: above the waterfall
rash, ron: the cove
rash, ron: the trusty
rathje & murphy: rubbish
rauch, alan: dolphin
rauch, alan: sloth
rebello, stephen: alfred hitchcock and the making of psycho
rector, john: the cold kiss
rees & sleigh: human
reich, eugenie samuel: plastic fantastic
reinhardt, klaus: bedbug
reiss, marcia: apple
reiss, marcia: lily
reist, inge: a market for merchant princes
remini, robert v.: john quincy adams
renan, ernest: vie de jésus
reynolds, jason: ghost
reynolds, jason: patina
reynolds, marjorie: the civil wars of jonah moran
reynolds, marjorie: the starlite drive-in
reynolds & wilson: scribes and scholars
rhoads, dorothy: the corn grows ripe
rhodes, richard: deadly feasts
rich, a.j.: the hand that feeds you
richmond, peter: fever
rieppel, lukas: assembling the dinosaur
riess, steven a.: the sport of kings and the kings of crime
rimler, walter: the man that got away
ritchin, fred: bending the frame
ritter, luke: inventing america's first immigration crisis
riverton, stein: the iron chariot
roberts, bethan: nightingale
roberts, geoffrey: stalin's general
robertson, cara: the trial of lizzie borden
robinson, andrew: earthquake
robinson, edwin arlington: children of the night
robinson, edwin arlington: the man against the sky
robinson, marilynne: gilead
robinson, peter: a dedicated man
robinson, peter: gallows view
rockwood, roy: bomba the jungle boy
rogers, janine: eagle
rogers, katharine m.: cat
rogers, katharine m.: pork
roman, joe: whale
roos, anna marie: goldfish
rorabaugh, w.j.: the real making of the president
rosen, jeffrey: william howard taft
rosenberg, howard w.: cap anson 3
rosenberg, howard w.: ty cobb unleashed
rosoff, meg: how i live now
ross, alex: the rest is noise
ross, alex: wagnerism
rosselli, john: the life of mozart
roth, joseph: the hundred days
roth, veronica: divergent
rowling, j.k.: harry potter and the deathly hallows
rowling, j.k.: harry potter and the half-blood prince
rubel, william: bread
rucka, greg: wonder woman: the hiketeia
rudall, nicholas: oedipus at colonus
rufin, jean-christophe: le collier rouge
ruiz de burton, maría amparo: who would have thought it?
ruiz zafón, carlos: el palacio de la medianoche
rushing, robert a.: resisting arrest
rutkow, ira: james a. garfield