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lacey, jim: pershing
lachman, charles: a secret life
lack, andrew: poppy
läckberg, camilla: the ice princess
läckberg, camilla: the preacher
lahiri, jhumpa: in altre parole
laird, tessa: bat
lakhous, amara: clash of civilizations over an elevator in piazza vittorio
lakhous, amara: dispute over a very italian piglet
lakhous, amara: divorce islamic style
lakhous, amara: the prank of the good little virgin of via ormea
landy, joshua: how to do things with fictions
langewiesche, william: the outlaw sea
lane, kevin: the inca
lane, yvette florio: shrimp
lanza, fabrizia: olive
larson, edward j.: summer for the gods
larson, erik: dead wake
larson, erik: in the garden of beasts
larson, erik: thunderstruck
larson, kirby: hattie big sky
larsson, åsa: bis dein zorn sich legt
larsson, åsa: the second deadly sin
larsson, åsa: sun storm
larsson, stieg: the girl who kicked the hornet's nest
larsson, stieg: the girl with the dragon tattoo
lasbury, mark e.: the realization of star trek technologies
latham, jean lee: carry on, mr. bowditch
lawson, robert: rabbit hill
laxness, halldór: the fish can sing
laxness, halldór: independent people
le goff, jacques: the birth of purgatory
leatherbarrow, bill: the moon
lee, paula young: game
leepson, marc: desperate engagement
leerhsen, charles: ty cobb
lehane, dennis: the drop
lemaitre, pierre: au revoir là-haut
lemaitre, pierre: couleurs de l'incendie
lemaitre, pierre: miroir de nos peines
lengel, edward g.: inventing george washington
l'engle, madeleine: a wrinkle in time
lenski, lois: strawberry girl
leonard, elmore: 52 pickup
lesnik, julie j.: edible insects and human evolution
leskov, nikolai: lady macbeth of mtsensk
lesser, zachary: hamlet after q1
leuchtenburg, william e.: herbert hoover
levi, carlo: cristo si è fermato a eboli
levi, lia: the jewish husband
levin, judith: soda and fizzy drinks
levin, kevin m.: searching for black confederates
levine, bruce: the fall of the house of dixie
lewis, elizabeth foreman: young fu of the upper yangtze
lewis, michael: the fifth risk
lien, vu hong: rice and baguette
lin, ed: this is a bust
lindgren, astrid: pippi longstocking
lindsay, joan: picnic at hanging rock
lisle, janet taylor: afternoon of the elves
lloyd, jill, & reinhold heller: munch and expressionism
lombardo, billy: the man with two arms
lombardo, stanley: aeneid
lombardo, stanley: iliad
lombardo, stanley: odyssey
long, lucy m: honey
longerich, peter: wannsee
lopez, jonathan: the last vermeer
lovegren, sylvia: melon
lovesey, peter: the last detective
lowndes, marie belloc: the lodger
lucas, susanne: bamboo
lucretius: on the nature of things
luqman-dawson, amina: freewater
luke & smith: soldiering for freedom