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gaboriau, émile: la corde au cou
gaiman, neil: american gods
gaiman, neil: the graveyard book
gallagher, tim: the grail bird
gallani, barbara: dumplings
gamber, wendy: the notorious mrs. clem
gandy, matthew: moth
ganeshram, ramin: saffron
gannett, ruth stiles: the dragons of blueland
gannett, ruth stiles: elmer and the dragon
gannett, ruth stiles: my father's dragon
gantos, jack: dead end in norvelt
gantos, jack: joey pigza loses control
garcía márquez, gabriel: crónica de una muerte anunciada
garcia-roza, luiz alfredo: alone in the crowd
garcia-roza, luiz alfredo: blackout
garcia-roza, luiz alfredo: objets trouvés
gardam, jane: old filth
gardner, erle stanley: the case of the grinning gorilla
gardner, erle stanley: the d.a. holds a candle
gardner, mark lee: to hell on a fast horse
garfield, henry: tartabull's throw
garland, robert: athens burning
garvía, roberto: esperanto and its rivals
garwood, christine: flat earth
gaskell, ivan: vermeer's wager
gates, doris: blue willow
george, jean craighead: julie of the wolves
george, jean craighead: my side of the mountain


ghirardo, diane: italy
gibbs, christopher h.: the life of schubert
gidley, mick: photography and the usa
gilbert, dorothy: bisclavret
gillespie, ric: finding amelia
gillman, jeff: how trees die
gilman, charlotte perkins: the crux
gilman & gross: drawing dialogues
gioni & bell: the keeper
gleick, james: the information
goethe: the sorrows of young werther
golden, mark: children and childhood in classical athens
goldoni, carlo: il burbero benefico
goldsmith, donald: exoplanets
golenbock, peter: 7
goncharov, ivan: oblomov
goncharov, ivan: the precipice
goolrick, robert: a reliable wife
gordon-reed, annette: andrew johnson
gordon-reed, annette: the hemingses of monticello
gores, joe: dead skip
gorman, ed: cavalry man: powder keg
gorman, gerard: woodpecker
gott & weir: gorilla
goulet, andrea: legacies of the rue morgue
gourevitch & morris: standard operating procedure
gozzi, carlo: l'amore delle tre melarance


graeber, charles: the good nurse
graff, henry f.: grover cleveland
grafton, sue: a is for alibi
grafton, sue: b is for burglar
grafton, sue: c is for corpse
grafton, sue: d is for deadbeat
grafton, sue: e is for evidence
grafton, sue: f is for fugitive
grafton, sue: g is for gumshoe
grafton, sue: h is for homicide
grafton, sue: i is for innocent
grafton, sue: j is for judgment
grafton, sue: k is for killer
grafton, sue: l is for lawless
gray, elizabeth janet: adam of the road
gray, fred: palm
green, susie: tiger
greenberg, david: calvin coolidge
greenberg, joel: a feathered river across the sky
greenblatt, stephen: the swerve
greenblatt, stephen: will in the world
greig, david: outlying islands
greig, david: pyrenees
grimbert, philippe: un secret
grimm: hänsel und gretel
griner, paul: collectors
grisham, john: the innocent man
gross, john: shylock
grumberg, jean-claude: la plus précieuse des marchandises
gualdoni, flaminio: the history of the nude
guinn, jeff: go down together
guinn, jeff: the last gunfight
guinn, jeff: manson
guinn, jeff: the road to jonestown
gutman, dan: jim & me
güzey, demet: mustard
gwynne, s.c.: the perfect pass