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eça de queirós: cousin bazilio
eça de queirós: the crime of father amaro
eça de queirós: the mandarin
echenoz, jean: 14
echenoz, jean: un an
echenoz, jean: caprice de la reine
echenoz, jean: courir
echenoz, jean: des éclairs
echenoz, jean: envoyée spéciale
echenoz, jean: lac
echenoz, jean: ravel
eckert, allan w.: incident at hawk's hill
eckstein & lehman: the searchers
edmonds, walter d.: the matchlock gun
edmonds & eidinow: bobby fischer goes to war
edwards, anastasia: biscuits and cookies
edwards, nina: offal
eisenhower, john s.d.: zachary taylor
eliot, george: daniel deronda
eliot, george: middlemarch
eliot, marc: steve mcqueen
ellerhoff, steve gronert: mole
elser & haygarth: phosphorus
elsom, derek m.: lightning
emerson, earl: the rainy city
engberg, katrine: the tenant
ennis & dillon: preacher gone to texas
enright, elizabeth: gone-away lake
enright, elizabeth: thimble summer
enright, kelly: rhinoceros
epstein, becky sue: brandy
epstein, becky sue: champagne
erard, michael: babel no more
eriksson, kjell: the cruel stars of the night
eriksson, kjell: the hand that trembles
eriksson, kjell: the princess of burundi
esolen, anthony m.: on the nature of things
estabrook, barry: tomatoland
estefanía, marcial lafuente: meditación tenebrosa
estes, eleanor: ginger pye
etherege, george: the man of mode
eugenides, jeffrey: middlesex
evans, suzanne e.: forgotten crimes
everett, caleb: numbers and the making of us
everett, daniel l.: don't sleep, there are snakes