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calhoun, charles w.: benjamin harrison
callahan, tom: johnny u
calvino, italo: il bosco degli animali
calvino, italo: if on a winter's night a traveler
camilleri, andrea: l'altro capo del filo
camilleri, andrea: gli arancini di montalbano
camilleri, andrea: la caccia al tesoro
camilleri, andrea: il cane di terracotta
camilleri, andrea: la cappella di famiglia
camilleri, andrea: un covo di vipere
camilleri, andrea: il cuoco dell'alcyon
camilleri, andrea: la danza del gabbiano
camilleri, andrea: l'éta del dubbio
camilleri, andrea: excursion to tindari
camilleri, andrea: la forma dell'acqua
camilleri, andrea: il gioco degli specchi
camilleri, andrea: la giostra degli scambi
camilleri, andrea: il giro di boa
camilleri, andrea: hunting season
camilleri, andrea: una lama di luce
camilleri, andrea: un mese con montalbano
camilleri, andrea: il metodo catalanotti
camilleri, andrea: morte in mare aperto
camilleri, andrea: la paura di montalbano
camilleri, andrea: la piramide di fango
camilleri, andrea: la prima indagine di montalbano
camilleri, andrea: la rete di protezione
camilleri, andrea: riccardino
camilleri, andrea: la scomparsa di patò
camilleri, andrea: il sorriso di angelica
camilleri, andrea: la vampa d'agosto
camilleri, andrea: la voce del violino
camilleri, andrea: una voce di notte
canedy, dana: a journal for jordan
capuana, luigi: il benefattore
capuana, luigi: il marchese di roccaverdina
carlin, joseph m.: cocktails
carlson, natalie savage: the family under the bridge
carlson-wee, anders: how-to
carnell, simon: hare
caro, robert a: the passage of power
carofiglio, gianrico: the past is a foreign country
carofiglio, gianrico: temporary perfections
carpenter, teresa: the miss stone affair
carr, j.l.: a day in summer
carr, j.l.: a month in the country
carrère, emmanuel: l'adversaire
carroll, georgie: mouse
carroll, lewis: alice in wonderland
castelot, andré: bonaparte
cather, willa: the song of the lark
catozzella, giuseppe: don't tell me you're afraid
catsam, derek: bleeding red
caudill, rebecca: tree of freedom
caudill & ashdown: sherman's march in myth and memory


centlivre, susanna: the basset table
century, douglas: barney ross
césaire, aimé: une tempête
chambers, aidan: postcards from no man's land
chambers, robert w.: the king in yellow
chandler, raymond: the big sleep
chandler, raymond: the simple art of murder
chang, henry: chinatown beat
chang, henry: year of the dog
chapman, george: the widow's tears
chase, james hadley: no orchids for miss blandish
chaucer, geoffrey: knight's tale
chaucer, geoffrey: man of law's tale
chaucer, geoffrey: squire's tale
cherny, andrei: the candy bombers
chessex, jacques: a jew must die
chevassus-au-louis, nicolas: fraud in the lab
chipman & joseph: spanish texas 1519-1821
choldenko, gennifer: al capone does my shirts
choldenko, gennifer: al capone shines my shoes
chris, cynthia: crab
christie, agatha: the abc murders
christie, agatha: the big four
christie, agatha: a caribbean mystery
christie, agatha: dumb witness
christie, agatha: the man in the brown suit
christie, agatha: miss marple
christie, agatha: the murder at the vicarage
christie, agatha: the murder on the links
christie, agatha: murder on the orient express
christie, agatha: the mysterious affair at styles
christie, agatha: nemesis
christie, agatha: passenger to frankfurt
christie, agatha: poirot's early cases
christie, agatha: the secret adversary
christie, agatha: the secret of chimneys
clark, ann nolan: secret of the andes
clark, tracy: fall
clark, tracy: hide
clarkson, janet: pie
clarkson, janet: soup
clements, philip w.: science in an extreme environment
cline, eric h.: 1177 b.c.


coates, peter: salmon
coatsworth, elizabeth: the cat who went to heaven
cobb, humphrey: paths of glory
coben, harlan: caught
coben, harlan: don't let go
coben, harlan: gone for good
coben, harlan: hold tight
coben, harlan: the innocent
coben, harlan: missing you
coben, harlan: no second chance
coben, harlan: stay close
coben, harlan: the stranger
coben, harlan: the woods
coblentz, catherine cate: the blue cat of castle town
cocco & magella: shadows on the lake
cochrane, mick: the girl who threw butterflies
cohan, steven: csi
cohen, deborah a.: a big fat crisis
coignard, jérôme: une femme disparait
coles, peter: mulberry
collins, gail: william henry harrison
collins, paul: the sumerians
collins, suzanne: the hunger games
colman & garrick: the clandestine marriage
congreve, william: the double dealer
congreve, william: love for love
congreve, william: the old bachelor
congreve, william: the way of the world
connelly, michael: the black box
connelly, michael: the black echo
connelly, michael: blood work
connelly, michael: the brass verdict
connelly, michael: the burning room
connelly, michael: the closers
connelly, michael: dark sacred night
connelly, michael: a darkness more than night
connelly, michael: the drop
connelly, michael: the gods of guilt
connelly, michael: the lincoln lawyer
connelly, michael: the poet
connelly, michael: the reversal
connelly, michael: two kinds of truth
connor, steven: fly
contois, emily j.h.: diners, dudes, and diets
coopersmith, jonathan: faxed
copeland, marion: cockroach
corbin, alain: histoire du repos
corkin, suzanne: permanent present tense
cormier, robert: the chocolate war
corneille, pierre: cinna
corner, paul: mussolini in myth and memory
costamagna, philippe: histoires d'œils
cottom, tressie mcmillan: lower ed
cotton, ralph: fighting men
cotton, ralph: showdown at hole-in-the-wall
cowie, helen: llama
cox, carolyn: the snatch racket


craft, jerry: new kid
crane, ralph: coal
crane & fletcher: cave
crawford, dean: shark
crichton, michael: prey
crosby, molly caldwell: asleep
crofts, freeman wills: the cask
crofts, freeman wills: the cheyne mystery
crumley, james: the last good kiss
crutcher, chris: chinese handcuffs
cunningham, clifford j.: asteroids
curtis, gregory: disarmed
curwood, james oliver: the river's end
cushman, karen: catherine, called birdy
czarra, fred: spices