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baantjer, a.c.: de kok and murder by installment
baantjer, a.c.: dekok and the begging death
babbitt, natalie: kneeknock rise
bailey, anthony: vermeer
bailey, carolyn sherwin: miss hickory
bainbridge, beryl: a quiet life
banville, john: the lemur
baker, jean h.: james buchanan
baker, mark c.: the atoms of language
ball, john: in the heat of the night
balzac, honoré de: at the sign of the cat and racket
balzac, honoré de: le colonel chabert
balzac, honoré de: a daughter of eve
barbery, muriel: the elegance of the hedgehog
barbey d'aurevilly: l'ensorcelée
barnes, julian: the noise of time
barnes, julian: the sense of an ending
barnes, nancy: the wonderful year
barnett, vivian endicott: alexei jawlensky
barnett, vivian endicott: franz marc and august macke
barnhill, kelly: the girl who drank the moon
barry, john m.: the great influenza
barry, kevin: town and country
barthel, thomas: the fierce fun of ducky medwick
bartlett, allison hoover: the man who loved books too much
barton, fiona: the widow
bartov, omer: anatomy of a genocide
barwell, graham: albatross
bascomb, neal: the perfect mile
bastianelli, jérôme: georges bizet
bastianelli, jérôme: tchaïkovski
batchelor, david: chromophobia
bates, quentin: frozen assets
bauer, marion dane: on my honor
baum, l. frank: the master key
baum, l. frank: the road to oz
bayard, pierre: comment parler des faits qui ne se sont pas produits?
bayard, pierre: demain est écrit
bayard, pierre: enquête sur hamlet
bayard, pierre: et si les beatles n'étaient pas nés?
bayard, pierre: et si les œuvres changeaient d'auteur?
bayard, pierre: hitchcock s'est trompé
bayard, pierre: le hors-sujet
bayard, pierre: how to talk about books you haven't read
bayard, pierre: how to talk about places you've never been
bayard, pierre: il existe d'autres mondes
bayard, pierre: le plagiat par anticipation
bayard, pierre: le titanic fera naufrage
bayard, pierre: la vérité sur "dix petits nègres"
beaumarchais: le barbier de séville
beaumarchais: la mère coupable
beaumont & fletcher: the knight of the burning pestle
beckett, samuel: endgame
beckford, william: vathek
behn, aphra: the emperor of the moon
belasco, david: the girl of the golden west
bell, adrienne baxter: george inness and the visionary landscape
bell, cece: el deafo
bennett, john: the pigtail of ah lee ben loo
benson, ben: seven steps east
benson, e.f.: queen lucia
benuzzi, felice: no picnic on mount kenya
berdan, frances f.: the aztecs
berg, a. scott: lindbergh
berlant & wynn: first sculpture
berman, john s.: central park
bernanos, georges: dialogues des carmélites
bernard, tristan: the larcier case
bertelsen, cynthia d.: mushroom
bhattacharya, ananyo: the man from the future
bialot, joseph: la station saint-martin est fermée au public
bieder, robert e.: bear
bilal, enki: bug
bird & sherwin: american prometheus
birnbaum, molly: season to taste
bishop, claire huchet: pancakes-paris
bishop, peter: bridge
bissell, tom: creative types
bixby, patrick: license to travel
blanton & cook: they fought like demons
blaumanis, rūdolfs: in the shadow of death
blom, k. arne: the limits of pain
blom, k. arne: the moment of truth
blos, joan w.: a gathering of days
blum, deborah: the poison squad
blum, deborah: the poisoner's handbook
blum, susan d.: my word
blume, judy: forever


boast, robin: the machine in the ghost
boccaccio: decameron
bodelsen, anders: think of a number
boddy, kasia: geranium
boggs, johnny d: the hart brand
bogucki, peter: the barbarians
bohjalian, chris: the flight attendant
böll, heinrich: billiards at half past nine
böll, heinrich: the lost honor of katharina blum
bonner, raymond: anatomy of injustice
bontemps, arna: story of the negro
bordes, gilbert: le voleur de bonbons
bordewich, fergus m.: washington
bortolotti, dan: wild blue
bough, jill: donkey
boulle, pierre: the other side of the coin
boulle, pierre: le photographe
boulle, pierre: time out of mind
boulle, pierre: william conrad
boum & stein: the holocaust and north africa
box, c.j.: the disappeared
box, c.j.: long range
box, c.j.: wolf pack
bradley, kimberly brubaker: the war that saved my life
braithwaite, victoria: do fish feel pain?
brands, h.w.: traitor to his class
brands, h.w.: woodrow wilson
brandt, lyle: blood trails
bredes, don: the errand boy
bresnahan, jim: play it again
brier, howard m.: shortstop shadow
brink, carol ryrie: caddie woodlawn
brinkley, alan: john f. kennedy
brinkley, douglas: gerald r. ford
brinnin, john malcolm: the sway of the grand saloon
brockes, emma: what would barbra do?
brome, richard: a mad couple well matched
brooks, geraldine: march
brooks, geraldine: people of the book
brottman, mikita: hyena
brown, dan: the da vinci code
brown, kathryn: henri matisse
brown, tina: the palace papers
browning & silver: an environmental history of the civil war
brox, jane: brilliant
bruck, edith: chi ti ama così
bruck, edith: letter to my mother
bruck, edith: lettera da francoforte
bruen, ken: ammunition
bruen, ken: calibre
bruen, ken: london boulevard
brunetta & craig: spider silk
bruno, anthony: the iceman
bruns, cristina vischer: why literature?
buck, pearl s.: the good earth
buff & buff: the apple and the arrow
buff & buff: big tree
bugliosi, vincent: reclaiming history
bunting, josiah III: ulysses s. grant
burke, alafair: city of lies
burke & grosvenor: school
burns, sarah: the central park five
burns & dunn: george washington
burrough, tomlinson, & stanford: forget the alamo
burt, jonathan: rat
byars, betsy: the summer of the swans
byron: the corsair
byron: the two foscari