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abbas, luay hamza: closing his eyes
abbate & parker: a history of opera
abrams, jonathan: all the pieces matter
abreu-runkel, rosa: vanilla
achorn, edward: fifty-nine in '84
acker & bustani: tajdeed
ackerley, j.r.: my dog tulip
ackerman, dan: the tetris effect
adams, harold: the man who was taller than god
adams, harold: no badge, no gun
adams, harold: a perfectly proper murder
adams & carwardine: last chance to see
addison, joseph: cato
addonizio, kim: what is this thing called love
adler-olsen, jussi: the absent one
adler-olsen, jussi: erlösung
adler-olsen, jussi: the keeper of lost causes
aird, catherine: harm's way
airth, rennie: the blood-dimmed tide
airth, rennie: river of darkness
albala, ken: nuts
albala, ken: pancake
aleramo, sibilla: a woman
alexander, charles c.: spoke
alexander, kwame: booked
alexander, kwame: the crossover
alexander, kwame: rebound
ali, farah: people want to live
allen, barbara: pelican
allen, barbara: pigeon
allen, daniel: otter
allen, gary: herbs
allen, gary: sausage
almond, steve: against football
alpert, stanley n.: the birthday party
alvtegen, karin: missing
amara, luigi: the wig
ammaniti, niccolò: i'm not scared
amore, anthony m.: the art of the con
an na: a step from heaven
andersen, hans christian: the little mermaid
andersen's fairy tales
andersen nexø, martin: pelle the conqueror
anderson, gary clayton: the conquest of texas
anderson, heather arndt: berries
anderson, heather arndt: chillies
andrzejewski, jerzy: ashes and diamonds
andrzejewski, jerzy: holy week
appleby, thomas jefferson
applegate, katherine: the one and only ivan
archibald, j. david: extinction and radiation
arjouni, jakob: happy birthday, türke!
armstrong, alan: whittington
armstrong, philip: sheep
armstrong, william h.: sounder
arnaldur indriðason: abgründe
arnaldur indriðason: arctic chill
arnaldur indriðason: duell
arnaldur indriðason: eiseskälte
arnaldur indriðason: frevelopfer
arnaldur indriðason: hypothermia
arnaldur indriðason: menschensöhne
arnaldur indriðason: nacht über reykjavík
arnaldur indriðason: oblivion
arnaldur indriðason: todesrosen
ashford, jeffrey: murder will out
ashford, jeffrey: the price of failure
atkinson, kate: case histories
atkinson, kate: transcription
atkinson, rick: an army at dawn
atkinson, rick: the british are coming
atkinson, rick: the day of battle
atkinson, rick: the guns at last light
atwater & atwater: mr. popper's penguins
aubert, rosemary: the feast of stephen
auchincloss, louis: theodore roosevelt
auping, michael: frank stella
austen, jane: emma
austen, jane: persuasion
austen, jane: pride and prejudice
autissier, isabelle: soudain, seuls
aviv, rachel: strangers to ourselves