Cold Mountain

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Frazier, Charles. Cold Mountain. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1997.

Grievously wounded at Petersburg, Inman has been sent to coastal North Carolina to recover. He deserts from his hospital bed to make his way west across the breadth of the state to Cold Mountain. Ada Monroe, daughter of a recently deceased preacher, waits for him there on a farm that verges on failure before the plucky Ruby Thewes appears to help Ada become self-sufficient.

Intricate, suspenseful, and lyrical, Cold Mountain reads like a cross between the Odyssey and Das Boot, a saga of homecoming from war that is also a great doomed journey and a spellbinding romance. By some measures the most popular Civil War fiction of all time; though it has obviously not yet had the enduring appeal of Gone with the Wind, it has sold millions of copies and its first edition is held by more libraries than any other Civil War novel.


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