Guidelines for Submission
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Aethlon is a print journal designed to celebrate the intersection of literature with the world of play, games, and sport. Subscription to the journal is included with membership in the SLA. Aethlon publishes works about sport and sport literature, including original fiction and poetry, juried scholarly and critical essays, and book reviews. It is indexed by the Modern Language Association, Humanities International Complete, ThomsonGale, Ebsco, and LA84. Now available for download: an index to Aethlon.

Guidelines for Submission

all submissions must relate to sport in some way

1. Sport-themed poetry should be sent to the Poetry Editor, sport-themed fiction to the Fiction Editor.
2. Scholarly and critical essays on sport literature, the rhetoric of sport, and cultural-studies approaches to sport texts should be sent to the Nonfiction Editor. Essays for Aethlon should address treatments of sport in texts or textual media (print, film, performance, digital or other media).
3. Creative non-fiction should be sent to the Nonfiction Editor. Avoid narrative of merely personal interest (anecdotes of How We Won the Big Game or How I Finished That Marathon). But please do send non-fiction stories and essays about sport and its surrounding culture.
4. We do not publish studies of sport that are primarily sociological or historical. We do not publish sabermetric studies, economic analyses, or topical sportswriting.
5. Submissions should be previously unpublished and not under consideration elsewhere.
6. Manuscripts should be double spaced.
7. Manuscripts should be in MLA style.
8. Author's name should appear on the title page only.
9. Manuscripts must be in English except for non-English quotations.
10. Electronic submissions are preferred, but hard-copy submissions are OK too.

Aethlon Editors

Editor in Chief

Mark Baumgartner
Sport Literature Association
Box 70270 ETSU
Johnson City, TN 37614


Scott D. Peterson
ST. LOUIS MO 63121


Ron Smith
616 Maple Ave
Richmond VA 23226


Michele Schiavone
Nonfiction Editor

Book Reviews

Duncan Jamieson
Dept of History
401 College Avenue
Ashland University
Ashland, OH 44805

Editorial Board, Emeritus

Robert J. Higgs, East Tennessee State University (US)
Eric Solomon, San Francisco State University (US)

Editorial Board

Susan Bandy, The Ohio State University (US)
Julie Gaucher, University of Lyon 1 (France)
Judy Hakola, University of Maine (US)
Miho Koishihara, Kokushikan University (Japan)
Jeremy Larance, West Liberty University (US)
Don Morrow, University of Western Ontario (Canada)
Mark Noe, Pennsylvania College of Technology (US)
Michael Oriard, Oregon State University (US)
Michelle Sanders, Abilene Christian University (US)
Michele Schiavone, Marshall University (US)
Jeff Segrave, Skidmore College (US)

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