DICKNSON@listserv.uta.edu is the address of the Emily Dickinson discussion list, an e-mail subscription list devoted to discussion of the work of Emily Dickinson (1830-1886). The list is edited by Kristi Wilson of The University of Texas at Arlington. Connie Kirk and Jed Deppman serve as Advisory Editors.

With about 200 subscribers, DICKNSON (founded in 1996) is open to anyone interested in Dickinson's writing. We discuss issues in recent scholarship, offer announcements of events and publications of interest, and discuss what draws us to the work of this poet.

DICKNSON is a moderated list; all posts go first to the editor and then to the whole list if acceptable. Unacceptable mail will generally fall into three categories: "spam" (annoying useless junk); commercial messages (simple information about books in print is OK, though); and "flames" (personal attacks on other posters). Subscribers who post unacceptable mail are subject to immediate deletion from the list at the discretion of the editor and listowner.

An archive for DICKNSON is available on-line.

To subscribe, send the message

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or contact the listowner: Tim Morris, at tmorris@uta.edu

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