ENGL 4399-003 Senior Seminar: Holocaust & Literature Spring 2021

Tim Morris

4-520pm MW


office mailbox 203 Carlisle Hall

mailing address Box 19035, UTA 76019

Required texts:

Books to buy:

Andrzejewski, Jerzy. Holy Week. ISBN-13 : 978-0821417164
Paper : Ohio University Press; 1st Edition (December 1, 2006)

Begley, Louis. Wartime Lies. ISBN-13 : 978-0449001172
Paper: Ballantine Books (October 15, 1997)

Bruck, Edith. Who Loves You Like This. ISBN-13 : 978-0966491371
Paper : Paul Dry Books; 2nd Edition (December 1, 2000)

Kertész Imre. Fatelessness. ISBN-13 : 978-1400078639
Paper : Vintage; Reprint Edition (December 7, 2004)

Levi, Primo. The Reawakening. ISBN-13 : 978-0684826356
Paper : Touchstone; Reprint Edition (December 1, 1995)

Sebald, W.G. Austerlitz. ISBN-13 : 978-0812982619
Paper : Modern Library; 10th Anniversary ed. Edition (December 6, 2011)


Class will typically not meet on Mondays, with the exception of the first Monday of the semester (25 Jan) and some or all of the last four (12 Apr through 3 May)

Wed 20 Jan: introductions

Mon 25 Jan: lecture: history

Wed 27 Jan: lecture: literature

Mon 1 Feb: due by midnight: paper 1 on Holy Week; no meeting

Wed 3 Feb: discussion: Holy Week

Mon 8 Feb: due by midnight: paper 2 on Wartime Lies; no meeting

Wed 10 Feb: discussion: Wartime Lies

15 Feb through 24 Feb: lost to snow/ice/power/water issues

Mon 1 Mar: due by midnight: one paper on Fatelessness (submitted as either 3 or 4)

Wed 3 Mar: discussion: Fatelessness

Mon 8 Mar: due by midnight: paper 5 on Who Loves You Like This?; no meeting

Wed 10 Mar: discussion: Who Loves You Like This?

15 & 17 Mar: SPRING BREAK

Mon 22 Mar: due by midnight: paper 6 on The Reawakening; no meeting

Wed 24 Mar: discussion: The Reawakening

Mon 29 Mar: due by midnight: paper 7 on Austerlitz, pp. 3-143; no meeting

Wed 31 Mar: discussion: Austerlitz, pp. 3-143

Mon 5 Apr: due by midnight: paper 8 on Austerlitz, pp. 143-298; no meeting

Wed 7 Apr: discussion: Austerlitz, pp. 143-298

12 Apr through 3 May: presentations (schedule on Canvas Announcements)

Mon 10 May: FINAL PAPERS due by midnight

syllabus: The effective version of the syllabus is always at https://tmorris.utasites.cloud/courses/4399sp21/4399mainsp21.html. If you are looking at a print or .pdf version, please make sure to consult the online version for updates.


No late work is accepted. Final grades will be on the standard 100-point scale (below 60, F; 60-69, D; 70-79, C; 80-89, B; 90-100, A).

attendance: At The University of Texas at Arlington, taking attendance is not required but attendance is a critical indicator in student success. Each faculty member is free to develop his or her own methods of evaluating students' academic performance, which includes establishing course-specific policies on attendance. As the instructor of this course (only), I will not penalize you for any absence.