ENGL 3384-003 Structure of Modern English Fall 2021

Tim Morris

2-320pm TR


Required texts:
All readings are available free in Canvas. And here too: Practice Manual; plus Sorted Corpus. See also Hemingway, Big Two-Hearted River.

Attendance and grading:
I do not require attendance. You will find the course very difficult if you do not attend and ask questions regularly.

Your final grade is on the standard 100-point scale (below 60, F; 60-69, D; 70-79, C; 80-89, B; 90-100, A). Each paper will be graded on the 100-point scale as well. Paper 1 will be worth 10% of your final grade; paper 2 worth 20%; paper 3 worth 30%; paper 4 worth 40%. If you do better on a given paper than on the papers before, your grade for the previous papers will be raised to match the grade on the current paper. No late work is accepted.


Thurs 26 Aug: introductions; language

Tues 31 Aug: Unit 1: rules and the corpus

Thurs 2 Sept: Unit 2: word classes

Tues 7 Sept: Unit 3: cores & adverbials

Thurs 9 Sept: Unit 4: intransitives & subject-complements

Tues 14 Sept: Unit 5: transitives; active & passive

Thurs 9 Sept: no class

Sun 12 Sept: paper 1 due by midnight

Tues 14 Sept: go over paper 1

Thurs 16 Sept: Unit 6: coordination

Tues 21 Sept: Unit 7: noun phrases & determiners

Thurs 23 Sept: Unit 8: pronouns

Tues 28 Sept: Unit 9: adjectives, attributive nouns, & numerals as premodifiers

Thurs 30 Sept: Unit 10: postmodifying prepositional phrases

Tues 5 Oct: Unit 11: verb-form modifiers (participles and infinitives)

Thurs 7 Oct: no class

Sun 10 Oct: paper 2 due by midnight

Tues 12 Oct: go over paper 2

Thurs 14 Oct: Unit 12: verb tense

Tues 19 Oct: Unit 13: verb aspect & auxiliaries

Thurs 21 Oct: Unit 14: modal verbs

Tues 26 Oct: Unit 15: NICE

Thurs 28 Oct: no class

Sun 31 Oct: paper 3 due by midnight

Tues 2 Nov: go over paper 3

Thurs 4 Nov: Unit 16: relative clauses

Tues 9 Nov: Unit 17: adverbial clauses

Thurs 11 Nov: Unit 18: nominal clauses

Tues 16 Nov: Unit 19: ditransitives & object-complements

Thurs 18 Nov: Unit 20: parsing; non-finite clauses; last class meeting

Sun 21 Nov: paper 4 due by midnight

If weather, pandemic, or other disasters cause us to lose class meetings earlier in the semester, we will move the syllabus forward and use some of the class meetings 23 Nov through 7 Dec

syllabus: The effective version of the syllabus is always at https://tmorris.utasites.cloud/courses/3384f21/3384mainf21.html. If you are looking at a print or .pdf version, please make sure to consult the online version for updates.