ENGL 1301-016 Fall 2008 Synthesis Paper Assignment

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This open-ended assignment asks you to synthesize your ideas about several texts from the "Media & Society" unit (221-294) of the Blair Reader.

Begin by re-reading your favorite essays from the unit. Pick an interesting theme, issue, or subject present in three or more essays. Review the texts to find passages that you find most compelling and important in relation to that topic.

Next, find at least one example of a discussion of media (any kind of media; think expansively here) in the current news: some incident or issue where the media itself has become the story. (When choosing this example, try to find several different reports or takes on the incident or issue; don't stop with a single news item or bare mention of the issue. Look, perhaps, for something that's been extensively blogged, written up in op-eds or columns, or been the focus of a TV, radio, or print newsmagazine feature.

Develop an essay that discusses, while making some claim or argument about, the three (or more) essays you've chosen from the Blair Reader in the light of the news item. In this essay, you must:

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