ENGL 1301-016 Fall 2008 In-Class Response Paper Prompt

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In-Class Response Essay
ENGL 1301-016
September 15 2008

Read the passage. It is an excerpt from a Washington Times report (without by-line) published 21 January 2008.

This is, as indicated on the syllabus, "an open-book, open-note essay. You will be prompted to consider all three of the pieces we read and summarized in the previous week, plus some additional short reading passage, and respond to the readings."

The pieces by Foner, McCullagh, and Tolson all express dismay over the prospect of increased domestic surveillance and increased repression of American civil liberties. What does Senator Christopher Bond think? Compare the arguments in the three Blair Reader pieces to those in the Washington Times story. Then, respond to the argument with a position of your own, using as many specific details as possible to support your views.

You should use your own notebook paper to write your essay. Remember that this is only a 50-minute class session, and that you should organize your writing within that time frame.

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