ENGL 1301-016 Fall 2008 Literacy Autobiography Second Draft Workshop

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The second "LA Workshop" will take place on Monday 13 October.

Bring a complete second draft of your whole Literacy Autobiography.

Bring four copies: one for yourself, two for peer readers, and one for the instructor (me).

You'll work in groups of three and read two other papers in the 50-minute session. In coming up with a peer response, concentrate on these two main questions: how well does the paper balance all the parts of a Literacy Autobiography? (The self before, the path to literacy, the "how-to" of the group, the values, the sense of community, the language or symbol system learned in joining it.) Then, suggest one major rearrangment for the paper that would make it better, or at least different: an option for the author to consider. The author need not necessarily take your advice, but at least will be led to consider another direction for work on the semifinal draft over the next week.

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