ENGL 1301-016 Fall 2008 Literacy Autobiography First Draft Workshop

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The first "LA Workshop" will take place on Wednesday 8 October.

Bring about three pages' worth of a first draft of your Literacy Autobiography.

Bring four copies: one for yourself, two for peer readers, and one for the instructor (me).

Also, write a brief "process" paragraph describing this portion of your paper. Is it a story? Is it a "how-to?" Does it chart stages of becoming a member of the literacy community? Does it define or describe that community? What exactly have you tried to do in this draft?

You'll work in groups of three and read two other papers in the 50-minute session. The peer response you'll give the author is simple: how well does the draft live up to what the brief "process" paragraph says that it's trying to do?

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