commissaire inspector dottore

a bibliography of detective-inspector novels

kwei quartey

the darko dawson series

Wife of the Gods. New York: Random House, 2009.
 ∴  Épouses et assassins. Translated by Michèle Valencia. Paris: Payot & Rivages, 2009.
 ∴  Trokosi Roman. Translated by Sabine Schilasky. Bergisch Gladbach: Lübbe, 2009.
 ∴  Omicidio nella foresta. Translated by Delfina Vezzoli. Milano: Feltrinelli, 2010.

Children of the Street. New York: Random House, 2011.
 ∴  Accra Roman. Translated by Sabine Schilasky. Köln: Bastei Lübbe, 2012.

Murder at Cape Three Points. New York: Soho, 2014.

Gold of Our Fathers. New York: Soho, 2016.

Death by His Grace. New York: Soho, 2017.