commissaire inspector dottore

a bibliography of detective-inspector novels

china miéville

The City & the City. New York: Del Rey Ballantine, 2009.
 ∴  Die Stadt & die Stadt. Translated by Eva Bauche-Eppers. Köln: Bastei Lübbe, 2010.
 ∴  Miasto i Miasto. Translated by Michal Jakuszewski. Poznan: Zysk i S-ka, 2010.
 ∴  The City & the City. Translated by Nathalie Mège. Paris: Fleuve Noir, 2011.
 ∴  La città e la città. Translated by Maurizio Nati. Roma: Fanucci, 2011.
 ∴  La ciudad y la ciudad. Translated by Silvia Schettin Perez. Madrid: La Factoría de Ideas, 2012.

In a surreal city partitioned by the convention of ignoring what happens on the other side of an invisible divide, a woman is killed in one half and dumped in the other, leading to a puzzle and a parlous investigation for Inspector Tyador Borlú.