commissaire inspector dottore

a bibliography of detective-inspector novels

a.c. baantjer

the de cock series

De Cock en een strop voor Bobby. Amsterdam: Arbeiderspers, 1964.

De Cock en de wurger op zondag. Amsterdam: Arbeiderspers, 1965.

De Cock en moord op termijn. Baarn: De Fontein, 1985.
 ∴  De Kok and Murder by Installment. Translated by H.G. Smittenaar. Denver: Speck, 2007.

A.C. Baantjer's De Cock series may be the largest of all detective-inspector series, comprising 70 titles. Some day they may all appear here, but for the moment this list is highly incomplete. It includes only the first few in the series, plus one from much later on that I happened to read in translation. The handiest guide to the whole series is (for some reason) on the Spanish Wikipedia page for A.C. Baantjer.