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pieter aspe

the pieter van in series

Het vierkant van de wraak. Antwerpen: Manteau, 1995.
 ∴  Le carré de la vengeance. Translated by Emmanuèle Sandron. Paris: Albin Michel, 2008.
 ∴  Il quadrato della vendetta. Translated by Claudia Limatola & Franco Paris. Roma: Fazi, 2009.
 ∴  Kwadrat zemsty. Translated by Ryszard Turczyn. Chorzów: Videograf II, 2011.

De Midasmoorden. Antwerpen: Manteau, 1996.
 ∴  Caos a Bruges. Translated by Valentina Freschi. Roma: Fazi, 2010.
 ∴  Midasowe morderstwa. Translated by Ryszard Turczyn. Chrzów: Videograf II, 2012.
 ∴  The Midas Murders. Translated by Brian Doyle. New York: Pegasus, 2013.

Pieter Aspe is the pen name of Pierre Aspeslag, a Belgian novelist who writes in Dutch. His long-running and very prolific Pieter Van In series may never be completely catalogued here (books appear at the rate of two per year), but this provisional list gives a few examples.