Guide to Baseball Short Stories: T

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The first chapter of a planned novel. The characters are intriguing and well-drawn, so one hopes that the theme of the "Curse" so prominent in the book hasn't been entirely mooted by the Red Sox' victories of 2004 and 2007.

Agreeable yarn, much in the vein of decades-earlier pulp fiction about unsuspected newbie talents, though with an understated, wry ending that is not from the pulp repertoire.

Reflective and restrained; not badly done. Interesting for its time in having as a central character a black coach of a mostly-white team.

Not in the best of taste and told in a forced vernacular, this story can nevertheless lay claim to having anticipated Eddie Gaedel, the real-life midget pinch-hitter, by nearly ten years.

Criticism: Tootle

Imagination, as always in baseball, is 90% of the contest.

Depends on a parodic overuse of baseball cliches.

Effective story, told mostly in dialogue.

Pleasantly done "counterfactual."