Guide to Juvenile Baseball Books: R

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Mild preteen romance with a baseball setting.

In a proto-eo-feminist subplot, the best pitcher for our heroes is a girl; banned by league rules, she at least becomes a sportswriter.

Told from the perspective of one of the player's daughters, this story skirts sentimentality but does an interesting job portraying children who are trying to come to terms with their elders' humanity.

Concludes with a game story where the trickster turns the tables neatly on a somewhat dishonest rival coach.

Crisp local-color details and a weird cyber-sidebar join some stock elements (the contest for the soul of the community, various mysterious-stranger motifs). Another distinctive novel from a developing master of YA baseball fiction.

Sharp portrayal here of emotional dynamics within a family.

Few Young Adult novels work with the larger symbolic resonances of conflict, memory, and patriotism that are suggested by baseball. Fewer still make their protagonist a conceptual artist with a flair for the political. This is a genuinely original novel.

An attempt at transcending the usual gender conventions of the Young Adult sport story, but the baseball details are weak.

Standard juvenile theme, associated here with the Harlem RBI program.

Picture book that reads like a wish-fulfillment scenario for the New York Yankees of the mid-2000s.