Guide to Baseball Films: The 1970s

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This picture broke ground in the mid-1970s by showing pre-teens who use realistic pre-teen bad language and toilet humor. It has had a lasting influence as the archetypal team-of-misfits-makes-good movie. Its formula has been endlessly imitated, not just in baseball films (such as its own series of sequels) but in other sports pictures like the Mighty Ducks movies and the football movie Little Giants. Remade disappointingly in 2005.

Arbitrary writing, lack of dramatic tension, and the absence of Walter Matthau and Tatum O'Neal bury this sequel's chances early on.

Tony Curtis mugs manfully, but boy does this picture stink.

Mark Harris's screenplay for this feature film of his novel is excellent, downplaying Henry Wiggen's loquaciousness and updating the story to the 1970s while losing none of its essential elements. Memorable performances by Michael Moriarty and Robert De Niro lead a fine cast. Remake of the 1956 television play.

Fine performances by Billie Dee Williams and James Earl Jones highlight this adaptation of William Brashler's novel. The filmmakers could not resist making the story comic by adding Richard Pryor in a clownish turn, and melodramatic by making it end with a Big Game. But it is well worth seeing.

Criticism: Rutter

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